Steps Towards an Ecology of Trumpet Playing—Part I.A.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Vulgano Brother, Mar 9, 2014.

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    It's a fact that IBM has/had fitness facilities in many of their installations. Too, I redid a basement floor with salvaged computer room decking acquired from DRMO.
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    My mother is an Alexander Technique teacher, who worked for years with young musicians at a school in the UK. She originally trained in the technique after experiencing tension problems as a professional violinist for the CBSO. She would agree, posture is crucial - upright, relaxed, alert, and the breath should be natural, not forced. If we think too much about all of these things, the opposite happens, and this is why it is important to train our bodies to act this way by habit, so the mind does not get in the way.

    Rowuk, I totally agree on getting the mind out of the way, but this comes with practice too! And when our bodies work the way we want them to, without having to give thought to the process, that's where the (musical) magic can start to manifest. That's probably a new topic in itself!
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    Interesting and thought provoking. Thanks all.

    This underlines why singing lessons can be so valuable for trumpet players.

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