Sticky Third Valve...kind of odd

Discussion in 'Trumpet Repair and Modification' started by TrumpetMonk, Feb 16, 2010.

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    Why wouldn't you show a tech what you think is the problem?
    When we get your horn, we look it over in front of you and give you an estimate. We then go in to the back and take a more detailed look at it because we know what symptoms are caused by certain issues.

    There are many many things that can affect the valves. Much more than the average player knows about because most players aren't taught about the mechanics of the horn.

    You should never have the feeling that you should "make the tech do his job" when you bring in a horn to him. A good tech is one you trust, that tells you what is wrong and what is required to fix it.

    You think a valve alignment will fix valve troubles? Not really. It could be one or more of any of these things

    Casing isn't true
    Piston isn't true
    Piston is burred/dented
    Casing is burred/dented
    Slide tubes are out of alignment
    Build up on piston or casing
    No oil (90% of valve issues I deal with are because the kid didn't oil it)
    Improperly installed valve guide/spring
    Burred valve guide
    Burred spring box.
    Bent valve stem
    Overtight valve caps
    Horn soldered together with a lot of stress
    Dirty casing/piston
    player pushing valves at an angle
    plating coming off piston

    etc etc etc

    Each of them has many ways to fix them, but the right way is the way that the tech will know of and the player will likely not know of. Leave it to the tech to do a proper diagnosis. I have never done a valve alignment that fixed a valve that hangs. I rarely replace a valve spring and have the valve work again.

    I am done my rant. I just didn't agree with your "make him do his job" statement, and then your recommendation of a fix that will likely not solve his issue.
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    I guess I ought to apologize for my post then, sorry Brekelefuw
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    If there is a dent in the casing, or any other structural damage, the valve will stick all the time. Is it harder to push, or is there a resistance that you have to push past?

    The 3rd valve is the first one to get any dirt or rubbish coming down the lead pipe. Make sure the mouthpiece, leadpipe, tuning slide, and bottom slide receiver are scrupulously clean. Failing that, make certain that the valve is not overly worn; we are talking 10ths of a thousandth of an inch which can cause chattering problems with Monel valves.

    If you take it one of us repair men, give as much help as you can, please! Otherwise, especially with an intermittent fault, it can take a lot of time to diagnose.

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