Stork cronet/Bach adapter

Discussion in 'Mouthpieces / Mutes / Other' started by musicalmason, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. musicalmason

    musicalmason Forte User

    Dec 14, 2003
    I was given a really nice gold plated 3b mouthpiece a while back, however its a coronet mouthpiece and I play trumpet. I have tried to sell it but was unsucccesful, but now I find that bach makes an apapter to go from coronet mouthpieces to trumpets, and its not supposed to hinder the air flow...any input? or I suppose I should just buckle down, pay the 10 bucks for one and try it out.
  2. Dawny

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    Jan 20, 2004
    Hi there. I haven't had one of these personally because i use a warburton kit. But my mate has had one and said that it was very good. Not sure if it was made by bach but i assume they're all similar.
    He said the only problem with using a cornet mpiece in a trumpet was that you loose some of the 'bite' and it doesn't always sound quite as bright as when using an actual trumpet mouthpiece. But he said that it was an excellent alternative to having to either buy a trumpet mouthpiece in the same size or as close as you can get, which would leave your wallet feeling a little lighter and your embouchure wouldn't be exactly the same.

    Hope this helps.
    Dawny x x
  3. Nonsense Eliminator

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    Nov 2, 2003
    Cornet/trumpet mouthpiece adaptors are, by and large, a very, very poor substitute for a trumpet mouthpiece. (The exceptions would mostly be situations where the adaptor is designed specially for a given mouthpiece, as is the case with the GR piccolo trumpet mouthpieces -- although I'm not sure I buy the idea even then.) You will almost always find that the intonation is severely compromised, and that the upper register is more difficult than it ought to be. You can get a Stork 3B trumpet mouthpiece (which will be exactly the same mouthpiece except with a trumpet shank) for under $50. It won't be gold-plated, but I would virtually guarantee that it will play more than $40 better than a cornet mouthpiece with an adaptor.

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