Strangest thing stuck in your trumpet...

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trumpetlore, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. trumpetlore

    trumpetlore Pianissimo User

    Apr 14, 2007
    Rochester, NY
    Most of us have been there...I'm wondering what people have gotten stuck in their trumpets, and where...

    When I was in grade 9, somehow (even more confusing because I'm a guy) I ended up with a ladies hairpin stuck through all three valves on the trumpet. No idea how it happened. The repair guy didn't have a clue either...

    Anybody else?
  2. A.N.A. Mendez

    A.N.A. Mendez Utimate User

    Oct 25, 2005
    Sunny Ca.
    I bought one from AZ. many years ago that had a dead (very hard) lizard in the bell tube!
  3. Uncle Dave

    Uncle Dave Pianissimo User

    Jul 7, 2008
    Weyburn, Sk., Canada
    Just this year I bought an L.A. Olds Ambassador that had dried, petrified phlegms(snots)
    blocking the tuning slide nd the 3rd slide - the guys must have had the flu so bad.

    After 2 hours of softening and work i blew them out with compressed air. Don't do this!
    I sore one of them. - uncldave
  4. lovevixen555

    lovevixen555 Banned

    Nov 5, 2008
    Uncle Dave, Do you have a set of caliper's or a cloth tape meausre???? I would like to know the length of the reciever+leadpipe on that LA Old's and what the outside diamter is at the point it goes into the reciever midway and where it goes into the tuneing sleeve etc.......If you can not do that I understand it is just of interest to me.
  5. MFfan

    MFfan Fortissimo User

    Sep 13, 2006
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    I have had a lot of strange notes stuck in my instruments, unfortunately, some escaped!ROFL
  6. rowuk

    rowuk Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    My face is about the strangest thing to get stuck in my horns. Any objects stuck I would not identify as strange, rather as stupid. The horn belongs in your hands making music or in the case!
  7. The Dutch Guy

    The Dutch Guy Piano User

    Sep 22, 2008
    the only thing ever to get stuck in my trumpet was the mouthpiece .... (really annoying when that happens. I couldn't get it out by myself.)
  8. veery715

    veery715 Utimate User

    Mar 6, 2007
    Ithaca NY
    I got my attitude stuck in there for a while. Eventually I got it out. It plays much better now.
  9. ozboy

    ozboy Mezzo Forte User

    Jan 17, 2007
    I had a cornet brought to me that had something stuck in it. When you blew, air wouldn't go through, yet you could pour water down the bell and it would freely flow out the leadpipe. I did everything, including using a snake through the horn. In the end, the kids little brother had posted a plastic grape down the bell. When you blew, through the horn, the plastic grape would inflate as the grape had a hole where the stem joined.
    It took me hours and had me stumped.
  10. bigpapajosh

    bigpapajosh Pianissimo User

    Aug 10, 2008
    Titusville Florida
    i had a battery stuck in my bell once,
    i have a torpedo case, and my mom being the kind woman she is put batteryies in the little zipper top. she told me they were for my tuner, but what she didnt tell me was she didnt zip up the zipper pocket on top.
    so when i opened it up, my marching gloves and batteries fell out right in the bell. had to use a plastic coated snake so i wouldnt tear up the corner from the third valve to bell.

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