Stripping Laquer

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by rhv32420, Sep 24, 2009.

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    Is the "patch on the front end" on the inside of the bell? Quite often those cornets had gold plating on the inside of the bell and silver plating on the rest of the instrument, so perhaps that's what you're seeing.

    In any event, having a horn replated is not cheap and it's nothing you can do at home. Even just stripping the silver plating is nothing you can do at home.
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    I feel the same way about my guitar and my books. I have had some nice guitars, guitars that make you want to weep if they get the slightest scratch. Then, I return from the US last year, broke, homeless, living on couches and a guy I know from way back asks me if I want an accoustic guitar, his wife is demanding a clearout. So he gives me for nothing a beat up old machine made guitar with a really nice tone. It looks like a dog been left out in the rain; like it needs a good meal if you know what i mean. But it plays nice and I wouldn't swap it for an Ovation Legend.

    Then I have books. I borrow a book from a friend and he says - don't bend the coners of the page - use a bookmark. I tell him keep it bud, I READ my books lol. But this instrument is like a beautiful girl with a burn on her face. It doesn't seem right. Forgive my ramblings :)

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