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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by cornetguy, Oct 13, 2005.

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    Trust me about as much as you'd trust an internet car mechanic, but have her continue just mouthpiece buzzing for a week or so just to see if she can obtain a resonant mouthpiece buzz. Happened to me for years, I couldn't mouthpiece buzz, had a strained sound, finally worked on the mouthpiece buzzing for a week or so until the sound was resonant, and that was the start to obtaining the full, rich, ringing sound that 'dem big sunofaguns play with.

    That's just the initial approach I would take, not meant to be taken literally as the end-all.
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    Trust me about as much as the previous poster, but maybe try the pencil exercise? This should tell her which muscles are supposed to do the vibrating, at least.
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    I'll let your post speak for itself just as I let my post speak for itself.

    All I said in my initial response to this post is that if you 'can't' teach this kid, then perhaps its time to move on. YOU were the one who got all bent out of shape and became defensive. That denotes you are doing something wrong or feeling bad about something. Probably because in the back of your head you know this kid probably wont make it on the trumpet.

    As for which 'symphony' I am first chair for. I've had years of classical training to date but I play Jazz exclusivly in clubs. I find it to be an extremly creative outlet, rather than just playing complex arpegios in an orchestra setting.

    As for me 'Maturing' I think it is YOU who needs to mature and stop verballing attacking people because of your insecurity when they state their opinions.
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