Student trumpet limitations

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by linktrek, Jun 27, 2013.

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    just a couple of more things ----- I can play anything on my student trumpet with a 3C as I can with my "pro" trumpet and "regular" mpc. The student trumpet (IMHO) is really not a factor (((yes there are some nuances, and ease of play issues, some better sound and such --- but essentially a decent student horn will do everything you can do))) ------- in lipe pressure, a better route than viagra, might be to try Pedal tones --and low notes below the staff (((eventually you will "get the feel" of low pressure, or no pressure on the lips, and be able to extrapolate that to the high range ---------- OK, in theory you can ((nerves, tension, frustration, tiredness all become factors that you will eventually have to factore in also in the high range)))) ---- hope that helps
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    Well, I doubt they spend much time on each one - and I doubt the worker gets $50 if you only paid $99! Hand-made or not does not matter so much if the craftsmanship is not 100%. I would seriously consider borrowing/renting a real pro trumpet for a few weeks and see if you won't spot a few differences in the high range. Particularly intonation can be seriously off in cheapo instruments.
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    I think one of my biggest downfalls right now is that I max out on the high notes which wrecks my lower registers. Then I play my lower registers until I'm so tired that I can't even get a sound out of my horn. I just want to keep practicing until I can't play anymore.

    Well actually if you followed my story, I got the trumpet for free. My whole comeback started at my brothers house on my birthday. I went there and saw a real old trumpet. I did some research and found out that it was an old student model. My wife doesn't allow me to spend money at all right now so you know how that goes. The only reason why I ended up with the Chinese trumpet was the fact that it was marketed as a "professional" model trumpet for $99. When I showed my wife the prices for professional trumpets, she spared my life.

    Nevertheless, there is a big difference between the Chinese trumpet and the old student model that I was using. Maybe I hit on something lucky.Needless to say, getting my hands on a professional model trumpet at this stage is out of the question. We have everything prioritized and the trumpet doesn't even make it to the list yet. I'd say that it is a good 3 years away if it happens.
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    Not smart. Restrain yourself.
  5. linktrek

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    May 14, 2013
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    Not to make light of this but you sound exactly like my wife! But you are right. I keep thinking to myself that it is not good to play until I drop dead each day. Maybe I should quit before I get tired. In weight lifting, if you workout until you drop, you need to take off a day for the muscles to heal. Maybe I need to take a couple days off and then start playing easier sessions. What do you guys think? It's just that I want to play so badly it's like I don't want to put the trumpet down until I'm dead.
  6. Cornyandy

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    Play smart, limit the amount of fatigue, limit your high notes, play low excercises. killing your lips day after day isn't a smart thing to do. (Nor is claiming a $99 Chinese horn is a pro model, and I'm saying that as a fan of Chinese horns, my cheapest cost well over 300 quid and was every bit worth it and more but the cheap end ones well need I say it?)
  7. linktrek

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    May 14, 2013
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    Well I am going to stick up for my junk. In my life I owned a Conn, Selmer Radial, That Bach Stadivarious, some others that were student trumpet. This Chinese $99 trumpet is the
    first trumpet that I ever hit a loud double G on. Perhaps the credit goes to the Shew mpc. I don't know whats up with this trumpet. But I wish I could get my hands on another Selmer Radial to see what would happen. BTW...Did anyone here ever hear of a trumpet player named Leon Merian. He was a good friend and was my trumpet teacher many many years ago when I was in high school
  8. Ed Lee

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    When an instrument is in good condition and well maintained, to me it matters little what the quality the marketers ascribe to call it. There are many pre-owned "PRO" instruments out there that are far worse than the student ones now being played in public schools, and I'm not saying the latter are anything "stupendous" either. What I am saying is with good habits of self preservation and the support of a competent tech, everyone can play an instrument that "sings".

    I don't force myself to play the notes above C3 (2nd ledger line above the treble clef) on my normal Bb trumpet, but I now don't encounter any problem playing many of them on my Schilke P5-4 piccolo trumpet. Too, I find it a bit ridiculous to play that low F#, as is truly on the 4th line of the bass clef, on my Bb trumpet, and yet it is a cinch for me to play on my euphonium. I just hope there is a half rest for me to make that switch!

    Above all, as you practice, rest as long as you play until you build endurance. For all beginners, I endorse resting 20 minutes after playing 20 minutes, but I personally now go 30 minutes and rest only 15 minutes. Too, I'm now participating in a Jamming session once a week that usually averages 2 hours in length and the rest time is just what we can grab between songs and 10 minutes break every hour ... and I do come home exhausted ... but exhilarated, the latter moreso when everything went well.
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  9. Dale Proctor

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    As a few other wise posters have said, don't constantly beat your lips up playing high notes. Do most of your practice in the normal range and work on getting a good sound and articulation. That will lead to more opportunities to play than will being able to squeak out a bunch of high notes.
  10. linktrek

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    May 14, 2013
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    But I thought it was every trumpet player's dream to be able to play up high. It has always been my dream. Before I got this Bobby Shew moutpiece, I had a dream that I hit a fat double F and it felt great in the dream. Little did I know that it would become a reality when the mouthpiece arrived. Now I am addicted to playing high notes. It's going to take a lot of self-dicipline to keep myself from trying to play way up there. It is a dream come true!

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