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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by linktrek, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Knock yourself out.
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    Ouch, but true, I love a high note I have them, but they are not nice choose your pick
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    No really. I'm going to stay down and concentrate on my range between E on the staff to C above the staff and keep improving that. As much as it is difficult for me to do, I'm going to stay away from the high notes until I have good endurance at that range of notes. My aim is to stop playing before pooped out. I feel that this by itself will improve my range since I will be making it easier to hit the lower notes leaving extra for the high notes if or when I want to play them. I need improvement in the richness of my tone. I want real rich sounding notes.
    From all the wonderful feedback you have given me, I feel the trumpet I have is serving it's purpose. I feel blessed to have a new trumpet and a new very promising Bobby Shew mouthpiece to look forward to. But there is one thing Leon Merian taught me is that to play real rich fat notes on a trumpet is a very beautiful thing. I am going to concentrate on that. I am so thrilled to be playing the trumpet again. My guestimate at the last time I played was in the late 1970's. The trumpet will always be a very deep part of my life.I played when I was 7 years old and now I am 57 and the thrill is still there for me

    God Bless

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    Seems you need to return to a proper warmup routine and then re-build some stamina. Long notes, etc. etc. etc....
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    and YOUR KEY WORDS ARE -- "to be able to PLAY HIGH" --- so (in my professional trumpet playing opinion) --- you need discipline. the old adage is in PLAY here -- "less is more", and you have already decided you need to monitor yourself, to NOT play high notes everyday, take a day off every now and then -----I am telling you my friend, long soft notes in the staff - yeah, seriously, like a 2nd line G in the staff, keep playing that for 20 minutes, and other notes obviously --- it will do wonders for your high notes (((ie. Cat Anderson method))) ---------------------and you will have to work yourself up to playing a G for 20 minute, taking breaths when necessary ----------high notes will come in time, and practicing lower, ((and occasionally higher)) --- think YEARS instead of months or in your case - TODAY. THINK 3,000 hours instead of the next 2 hour practice, and you can also get your MIND IN GEAR to play high notes, riffs and such --- instead of just "hitting" a high note. -----just my advice from experience down a similiar path!!!!!
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    May 14, 2013
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    Thanks for the words of wisdom. I know in my heart that you are right. It is a good idea to play down low and look for endurance. My endurance is horrible right now. I am embarassed to tell you how long it takes me to peter out.

    I am having a bit of trouble deciding where to place the mpc on my lower lip. Dr M and many places say to put 2/3's lower lip and 1/3'd upper lip. But when I do that, the notes become real squekie. When I use the way I normally play, which is the most responsive place I play, I use the top lip a lot and point the trumpet down. If it corrects the situtation to get 2/3's of the lower lip in, then I can put up with the squekiness if the sound will eventually open up. I wish that I was live infront of you guys for 5 mins. I know that you could straighten me out in a sec. Does anyone have Skype? I would be willing to pay a bit of a tip if someone could straighten me out. I am sort of on my own here with my comeback. I have been reading things on the Web. Watching people's embrosures, looking at the shape of peoples lips and jaws, looking at the indentation marks on player's lips just to try to see if any of it would reveal a hidden secret that would help me out. Now is the time that I need to make any significant changes to my playing. I tried out playing "upstream" with the success of being able to play high and squekie. But it ruined my lower register. I finally changed back to playing the normal way I used to play all my life.However I am using the 2/3 lower 1/3 upper theory now as I mentioned.
    You may notice that I am not afraid to post my weaknesses and my stradegies.Pardon my spelling. This is because of my great desire to play the trumpet well and my humility. I have no "ego" to keep myself from being transparent. Ego's sometimes goes along with trumpet playing. I have trouble playing sometimes with other trumpet players because I am so competative in nature. I want to show everyone that I am the best.
    So I have a low self-esteem right now with the way I am playing. I don't mind sounding like a newbie.

    Just alittle history on my trumpet playing. When I was 5 years old I was at a Bar-Mitzvah that has a live band. I was 5 years old and this was in 1961. I was curious and ended up walking into the band section when they were on a break. The trumpet player was there and he grabed me and put me on his lap. He took his trumpet and placed the mpc on my lips and I started to blow. The people thought I was cute and started laughing. A year or so later my 7 year older older brother took up the cornet in school. When he wasn't around I used to mess around with the Cornet My parents were impressed and started getting me lessons. I then took off and started to excell with my playing. When I got into the 7th grade the high school band drafted me up to play with them. Everything was great until I reached highschool age. It seemed I hit a wall and could no longer improve my playing. One guy even caught up to my abilities and knocked out of the first trumpet position into the second first trumpet possition. Ever since then I never improved until now. My range had always topped out at high C,C# or a D. But the high C's were always weak and forced out. These new double E's, F's , and G's are all new to me and this is the first time my range has improved since 1974. I played for years every day for hours trying to play some of the notes that Maynard Ferguson played. But I finally gave up at around the age of 21. Let's see while I do the math.... 1956 + 21= 1977. Then 1977 was the last time I took lessons and quit the trumpet until now. I satified my trumpet cravings since then by listening to Arturo Sandoval and Maynard Ferguson. Jazz is my music of choice and any Big Band usually can excite me. Besides playing high notes, improvisation is my other dream. I know the blues so I mess around with that. This is my trumpet history. The greatest part of my trumpet history is when I met Leon Merian. We became friends when he was a teacher at my high school. He took me up under his wings because he knew my uncle who was a jazz drummer. Leon knew my uncle because they played in some gigs together. Leon was a great trumpet player. He had class, richness in his sound. He played big fat notes through out his range which was sometimes up to double C's plus. He never played a squekie note. His notes would always be fat, rich, and classy. I'm going to see if I can upload some of his tunes on You Tube and share them with you. He passed away about 4 years ago I believe. He had an enormous impact in my life. He was a great human being.
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    You know, Irwin, along with of all the advice we have offered, you have identified what is most critical.

    Some of what we write may not be consistent with what you think you want to do right now, and you may even come to agree with us a little more in the course of time, but until then, nourish the thrill and enjoy. One hundred years from now no one will know or care what mouthpiece or trumpet you or most of the rest of us played, or what method was applied to practice.

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    linktrek -- there is NO MAGIC to this trumpet playing thing --- you find the spot on your lips that works the best (upstream, downstream, different horns, different mpc's,) ---- find 1 mpc you like, and use it. I am telling you that Maynard and high notes -- DID NOT HAPPEN overnight!!! watch a Maynard video, you can see he uses a "fat lip", in other words he has a lot of lip on the mpc. Maynard played off to the side also, He would raise his shoulders, push with his lower body -- high notes take air, energy, and a little oomph also ----- but I believe you just have to work up to that!!! for me, I say at least 3,000 hours of practice (not too hard actually -- 2 hours a day, for a few years, or 3 hours a day for a few ---- your young enough, work slow, work smart, be in til the end)
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    Reading through your posts and I have diagnosed you to have a case of H.N.O.!! What is H.N.O. you ask? High Note Obsession! I have been playing Steady for nine years now since picking the horn up again after a 25 year layoff (wanted to rest my chops ;-)! IF you continue on a course that is not balanced with ALL the elements of trumpet playing, you will handicap yourself for future development. High notes are great when used properly and judiciously.Obsessing will hinder, ironically, developing your upper register.
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    WOW thanks TL ---- I had that once also ---- but now, I got it all ----- low notes, pedal tones, mid range, and high(er) range up to at least a high G (4 staves above) ----- that is why I try to keep helping here, trying to direct, to persuade, to add some reality ----- THANK YOU for you input, it is appreciated ((cause after awhile, I start loving it when advice like yours, and GM's, Ted's, Peter Mcneill, Graysono, and many others have helped me over the past few years))) ------

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