Swelling of lips and tongue...brass allergy?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by austexcal, Oct 3, 2009.

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    The repondent said "Titanium" not "Titanium alloys". The only mpc maker I know of that employs only a "Titanium compound" vis Titanium Nitride is Houser Mouthpieces of Norristown PA http://www,housermouthpieces.net
    See specifically such in medical usage.

    Yes, in the pure metal form Titanium machining would be extremely difficult with the common machine metal tooling, abeit some state of the art innovative CNC guided laser technology is making inroads in this.

    The OPs concern was Nickel ... there is NO Nickel in Titanium Nitride, as may be present in some alloys and compounds ... this I believe the respondent was giving misleading data. Sorry, but my BSEd with Major in Earth Science prevailed ( I originally wanted to be Mining and Petroleum Engineer and have many credits in same, that contributed to said Major ).
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    Not to discount what the doctor is saying, but it seems there should be a concrete way to test an allergy before requiring someone to go out and drop several hundred(s) of dollars on mouthpieces.. Did he do an allergy test?

    I like Rowuk's suggestion. At least narrow it down to the cause, whether it be allergic or a function of the mechanics of playing.
  3. austexcal

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    Oct 3, 2009
    Update III,
    I was re-reading this thread and realized I hadn't shared the resolution.
    Well, after playing the gold-plated mouthpiece for a couple of months, the awful allergic reaction resurfaced.
    So this time, the allergist consulted with a dermatologist who ran more tests, and then, finally, the true culprit surfaced: cobalt (a relatively rare allergy)
    Apparently cobalt is used in brass, nickel, silver alloys. It probably leached through the gold and eventually affected his lips again. That's why it took so long. The solution was a custom-made plastic (delrin, a very hard plastic) mouthpiece. Everyone is a happy camper. The mouthpiece works great. Thanks for all the input. ;-) :play:
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    May 11, 2009
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    Thanks for sharing. With all of the apparent difficulties resolving allergy issues (I have a son, daughter and grandson all undergoing tests with no apparent resolutions after many months) I am happily surprised that something as esoteric as Cobalt could be identified as a cause. How did they finally narrow it down to that? I wonder if that is used in braces which is when my son started having his allergic reactions.
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    rowuk sez:
    Tape the mouthpiece to his arm overnight and see if that swells too.
    That's actually a pretty good idea! Sort of a home made skin patch test. Good problem solving skills Rowuk!
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    May 30, 2010
    Mine's that severe, I now play a Conn Visible Embouchure and I have no issues. It's a type of plastic as well. As a side benefit, it's 100% the best mouthpiece I've ever had. It's just so hard to get them...

    There are also wooden mouthpieces, I'm still looking at that on down the road.
  7. austexcal

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    Oct 3, 2009
    One of the many reactions he had, seemed to occur when he began using his retainer again. He'd stopped wearing it while he was being checked for allergies previously -- by the way, he'd had braces a couple years previously with no problem (except for playing the horn with them) ! Allergies sometimes don't show up for a while.
    And yes it was a patch test for 84 separate substances. (Not the skin-prick test for more common allergens).
    For us, our primary doctor referred us to the allergist who, in turn, referred us to the dermatologist.
    Hope that helps.
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  8. austexcal

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    Oct 3, 2009
    Update IV.... 3 years later....
    No more problems, but just wanted to pass along that my son found another mouthpiece that he really loves.
    It's by K.O. Skinsnes designer of flex mouthpieces...STOMVI 888-702-7277
    Mr. Skinsnes personally made certain that there was no Cobalt and he hasn't had any problems with it! (no, We're not on the payroll :)
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    Wow, thanks for this reply. There is another situation similar to this on another thread just started. I will copy your answer and past it on that post. Great news by the way!

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