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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Trumpetmasta, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Here's a link to John Stork's website. He makes custom mpcs for world class f-horn and trumpet players. You can read or call and maybe he or Phyllis can help you with this issue. Hope this helps!
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    Mar 31, 2012
    Thank You!!
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    OK -- let me interject that I am a trumpet player --- and on a comeback for 4 years now, I decided to pick up the trombone in January this past year. LOOK, when we cut through it all, the trombone was difficult (it took me 3 months before it started to sound OK) -- in the meantime, my range and sound on the trumpet was going into the crapper (IMHO) --- NOW, nearly 10 months later, the trombone sounds good, and the trumpet is almost back to where it was.

    I hope this is encouragement to you ----I'm 48, So at your young age -- I would think (if you are continually switching in a practice --- which is what I did, because I want to be able to double on both, at anytime, anywhere) ---YES, at your young age -- I would think if you put in the time --- just hang in there, it will only take a few months to be proficient at both the French horn and trumpet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, hang in there through the frustration, that is all part of it!!!
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    Be wary that frustration doesn't bring on a form of depression. I've been there a lot in the last few years and it is not enjoyable. I think I've now about overcome it just by tenacity and perseverance and with the help of a wonderful wife and great Docs.
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    I beleive that would include me in that heart felt recognition. And in that case, you're welcome.
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    When practicing, try switching much more often between the instruments. This intense "lip-confusion" can bring about some wonderful growth. Not sure how it works, exactly (am more into a kind of Zen-voodoo thing myself, and most of my science is pseudo-science) but I think it trains us to react kinesthetically and not synthetically in a kind of unitive benign continuum.

    That mumbo-jumbo aside, just switch often between the two and see if you can confuse your mind, too. Play horn licks with trumpet fingerings on your trumpet. Play trumpet licks with horn fingerings on your horn. It'll make your head spin, but I'm convinced that it is not so much a mouthpiece/thing as a mind/body thing where the status quo becomes movable.

    Have fun!

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