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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Trumpetmasta, Jun 1, 2012.

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    Okay, I HAVE to put in my .02 here. I played French Horn in high school and college as I moved from one state to another. i went from being the concertmaster in the youth orchestra to French Horn. I chose French Horn because I liked the sound and because my younger briother already played trumpet. I switched to trumpet later (although i played my brother's horn at home sometimes, and I played trumpet during marching season.) I have experience with both. French horn requires more finesse in the approach and has a very extensive low range. If memory serves, there is another octave and a half or so below the low G that you know from trumpet before you get to the pedal tones. Now, you usually don't see that written in band charts, but if you play with a symphony, those notes are common (at least that was my experience "back in the day")

    I have ALSO seen many band directors steering students toward instruments that they need in their ensemble and talking them out of playing the instrument that the student wants to play. I see a number of those students discontinuing band in a few years. It is a difficult line the band director walks. While I understand their need to make themselves look good through their ensemble, I wonder how many talented players we lose.

    My advice to the OP is to play what YOU want to play. If you can say to yourself, "okay, I will play French Horn here and trumpet there" and get support from your band director, then fine. However, if trumpet is the only instrument that holds interest, there comes a time when you have to follow your muse. That is not to say that you might not enjoy the stimulus of a second instrument if both are possible. In the final analysis it is something the OP will need to decide.
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    YES, in addition -- since in high school I was a mediocre trumpet player -- often in the 2nd chair spots --- the band director (needed a tuba player) -- he "encouraged" me to take up the tuba ------ and toss the trumpet!!!!!!!!! --- can you imagine that??? He was a proficient trombone player, but decided that I couln't play both brass instruments ---- as it would ruin my embouchure.

    Had, I known now, -what I didn't know then -- I think I would have put in the time, and played more than 1 brass instrument. --- and been "super cool"
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    There is more demand for French horn than there is for trumpet playing since trumpet is more popular. I tried French horn, but didn't like it. I played euphonium and liked it but not as much as trumpet. For whatever reason I had no problem switching back and forth. I never got hung up on problems. I am solution oriented and like challenges. I think sometes we over-think things. Is you go to college in music you will have to learn several instruments. Why not now?
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    and when I switch back and forth between the trombone and trumpet -- I feel a sense of accomplishment -- like I am a REAL musician or something. I also find the trombone, somewhat "amusing" -- and the high range is easier on the bone (I mean after playing trumpet, why wouldn't it be???) anyways that impresses the cute saxophone player, so taking up the trombone was worth the trouble --- HEY, MAN -- it might be 30 years later --- BUT I THINK AFTER PLAYING BOTH INSTRUMENTS, I AM BECOMING A "SUPER COOL" DUDE -- man, I love it when a plan comes together --ROFL ROFL ROFL
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    Replace the word Freaking Out and just put in Enjoy.
    What would you enjoy the most?
    Then tell him that.
    Stick with it.
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    TrumpetMasta, your original post has some holes in it.

    Why would your band director want you to play grade 6 music Horn if he's only heard you play Horn for a month with garbage (your words) for an embouchure?
    - you've played trumpet for seven years. Does this mean that in one month with a garbage embouchure and braces, you already play Horn better than trumpet?

    What do you mean that your mom's professional horn is "tough to play on as it is"?
    - do you think a "non-professional" horn is easier?

    If mom plays/played a professional Horn, why are you "self taught so (you) know basically nothing about it..."
    - where's mom, the Horn player, in all of this?

    Additionally, I don't get any sense of direction or purpose in your post. What do you want to do? Do you have any musical goals? Preferences?

    Quick background: i played trumpet throughout school, playing first trumpet in each school band since my third month of playing until graduation, as well as being all-state "everything". Nevertheless, my private teacher, also the university band director, told me that I would be a very good trumpet player but never a superb one. But if I switched to Horn, I could become a superb one, and then gave me a list of playing and teaching situations that would likely lock me into a very good future. So the summer after graduating HS, I switched to Horn and that fall entered university playing First Horn. (Also subbed around on Horn and later played Horn for two years in an AF band.) But although I loved all music, my passion was jazz and I missed playing in big band, so I switched back to trumpet, for which I also paid dearly. My point is, do you have this kind of passion? Are you willing to sacrifice for any kind of music, or are you more general (or complacent) in your likes and dislikes? Is there anything you particularly want to get out of playing either trumpet or Horn . . . or not? It seems to me that actually you are asking us for answers to questions you haven't yet asked yourself.
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    very beautifully put, and that is part of "growing" up, deciding on discipline, goals, and what the OP wants --- I think that is Awesome advice
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    The "band" at my child's Catholic grade school consisted of 23 trumpets, one flute, a snare drum, and a kid on keyboard. Clearly the band director didn't try to influence instrument choice. It was an odd mix... Right up until the director skipped town with all of the school's instruments!
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    Mar 16, 2011
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    Did the OP go AWOL?

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