Switching Mouthpieces: Jazz vs. Symphonic

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by limepickle, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. limepickle

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    Aug 30, 2013
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    I've mostly been playing jazz for the last several years. However, in the near future, I may be asked to do considerably more symphonic playing. My Al Cass 2-28 is a wonderful mouthpiece, but it is quite extreme. It just sounds too harsh when playing symphonic music, and the throat is too tight. Lower notes tend to come out sloppy. When I switch to my 3C, things sound how they should. But switching from the Al Cass, which is very small, to the 3C, which is quite a bit bigger in all regards, really messes with my chops. My intuition is that going with a mouthpiece that has the same rim diamter as the 2-28 (15.6mm) but a deeper cup and open throat will remedy this problem. Is this the way to do it? What do those of you who have to play both symphonic and jazz do? I don't want to switch to an "all-around mouthpiece" because I like the sound of the 2-28 in a jazz setting, and I've been playing it for many years.
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    Check out the Marcinkewitz concert hall series of pieces. I play one, an 8S CH, they have a larger backbore, somewhat more mass, and are available in smaller rim diameters as well as the larger ones.Wedge mouthpieces are another one to check out as well:oops:
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    I really like my wick mouthpiece for a symphonic setting, it's the American classic line and it's just great with a nice deep cup. I'm sure they make one with a small diameter rim, however 15.6 is really small so maybe a small increase in rim diameter would work for you. A bigger rim diameter is generally more accepted for orchestras.
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    Requests like this crack me up! Like the interface between the face and horn can be blindly recommended.........

    There is no "symphonic" or "jazz" mouthpiece. Wynton uses a Monette B2 for "jazz", I use it for symphonic. It is coincidence, not planned. No one can predict what works with our face, our horns or in a specific setting. When I play Bach I use a different mouthpiece than whan I play Wagner.

    The problem with bigger mouthpieces is rescuing the sound concept. When our ears don't get the sound that they expect, the brain tries to adjust. That makes switching difficult without proper preparation.

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