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    3M - My Measurements of Monettes

    I've done some measuring over the years, and here's what I have on the specifications of Monette mouthpieces:

    C1-1D = Bach 1, Warburton 1D
    C1-1 = a little bigger than Schilke 18
    C1-2D = Bach 1X
    C1-2 = a little bigger than Laskey 80MC
    B1X = Curry 1Z
    B1L = Curry 1XZ
    C1-5D = Warburton 3D, Laskey 70B
    C1-5M = Bach 1 1/4C, Curry 1 1/2BC, GR 67MX
    C1-5 = Schilke 14, GR 67M
    B1-5LD = Reeves 43C, Stork 2D, Calicchio Mosello II
    B1-5LM = Schilke 14B, Warburton 3SV, Curry 1 1/2M, GR 67S, Laskey 70S
    B1-5L = Reeves 43M, Purviance 9, Bush WX3

    I have my 14-page comparison chart ready to mail to anyone who has $8.
    E-mail me if you want my address.

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