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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by gzent, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Sep 20, 2009
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    of course, I've read most all the stuff here in this thread -- I just wanted to say, I really love my King Silver Flair 1055, but yet, I picked up a Holton Collegiate the other day that was sitting around my house for a year or two (N+1 problem). So, I played it, and I could play everything I can play on the Silver Flair -- and the little Collegiate (sounds OK) --but yes, I would rather have and use the BETTER KING SILVER FLAIR ----is a HARRELSON, (or for arguments sake is Monette, or a Jaeger, etc.) better than a HARRELSON? --- I don't know, perhaps GZENT can't conclude the HARRELSON is the best, until he has tried EVERYTHING ELSE!!!! -- but aside from the semantic arguments ---- this thread was started for his viewpoint and feedback and such. I don't have a Harrelson to compare the KING with -- my argument therefore (for me) the KING SILVER FLAIR is the best trumpet!!!!
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    Sep 20, 2009
    New York State USA
    DUDE, it's OK -- I threw my own JAB at GZENT (and nobody boosted my ego, to even comment on my JAB) -- so we just shouldn't be so sensitive about GZENT's opinion -- or rather -- THE REST OF YOU shouldn't be to taken back (or sensitive) about his opinion -- I found it amusing ROFL ROFL ROFL
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    Nov 5, 2003
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    Unless Monette radically lowers their prices, or I win the lottery, I cannot say whether or not a Monette made for me would be better than
    the Summit that was made for me cause I'll never buy a Monette. I do feel my Summit works better than the few Monettes I've tried,
    but the again, those horns were made for someone else.

    I often wonder about people that buy Monettes over the internet used. I mean, if you truly believe that a Monette is a custom made horn
    for each buyer (ahem, different thread, cough,cough), then why would anyone spend that much extra money to play someone else's
    "dream horn"?
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  4. Vulgano Brother

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    That would be a good question to ask Dave Monette or whoever answers the phone.

    I'm suspecting the early horns were more "conventional" and user friendly. I "bought" an early used C from a good friend in the States while I was in Germany. I had a German buyer for it, unless I really liked it. (I've never "flipped" horns, by the way.) It arrived, and play testing in my apartment I couldn't tell any difference between it and my Monette tuning-bell conversion, so I sold it to my German colleague. All was good until we had a rehearsal in a big hall, and during the break he went up into the seats and had me play both for a side-by-side comparison. Again, at my end of the horn the two felt and sounded the same. Out in the audience though, there was a huge difference. I've kicked myself ever since.
  5. gzent

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    Nov 5, 2003
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    Tom- you're right the audience doesn't give a rip what brand a person plays.
    KT-right, one can make just about any horn work for them.

    Unfortunately, I don't have "lips of steel" like some players in the business, and I don't have hours each day to spend
    attaining lip of steel. I know that I can play at a high level much, much longer (we're talking hours for long wedding gigs)
    using my Summit than I could with the horns I used to own.

    I have only met one player that I knew could play for hours on a conventional horn and still have the same range and endurance
    at the very end of "party band" gig that he had at the start. He is one of my best friends who plays lead in several groups with me...
    and guess what? He just ordered his first Harrelson a few weeks ago because he was blown away by how much easier it was to play.
  6. flugelgirl

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    Jan 20, 2008
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    I know exactly what you mean - none of the Monettes I've played have made me think I need to spend the extra cash and get my own. However, sometimes you find that someone else's dream horn actually suits you as well or better than it did for the origional owner! That's happened to me twice now - bought a new horn, found another of the same model used and bought it as a backup, and realized I liked the used one better! I own two A1s - the one that has become my daily player was the first one Trent Austin had made for him, and his name's on it, not mine. While I still love the first one I bought and do use it, the used one has become my favorite.
  7. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    I think that the Monette is NOT what most people think that it is. It is NOT a one off for an individual player - it is Dave Monettes personal dream built for a specific player. There is a big difference. A Monette is special for those that share Daves dream (I do for instance). This is why I do not "compare" my horns to others. Each of my axes has a palette of colors and dynamics that is unique. The Monette makes me smile in much different ways than any of my other horns - although I can say that about every other horn that I own too!

    I do not normally even post about my relationship with the Monette. For those that don't understand it, there is no meaningful conversation possible. Often flames or other stupidity is posted - for what? Who walks away "KNOWING" more than they did before? The flamer proves nothing and no words could EVER enlighten anyway. I just let them be ignorant. My horns are good for ME and that is all that matters. What comes out of the front has been good enough that the people who pay to have me play stay loyal regardless if I show up with a zink, natural trumpet, baroque trumpet, Monette, Selmer, Bach, Besson, Heckel, Getzen, Enders or any of my "custom" horns.
  8. afp

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    Oct 9, 2013
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    Any you won't. There is not a better Bb trumpet than a Flip Oakes Wild Thing at any price. The Wild Thing can play mellow and flugel-like, soft and lyrical, big and powerful, and sizzlin' and screamin', simply by thinking about the sound you want to project. It is extremely easy to play yet will never back up on you. It is responsive, flexible, yet secure with wide slots. There are no "bad notes" on the horn. It plays in tune across a player's entire range, and for me that is now approaching three and a half octaves. It is simply the finest Bb trumpet ever made.

    I played on a Harrelson Bravura for 18 months, and it is nowhere in the league of a Wild Thing. The Bravura was sharp above the staff with the G at the top of the staff being especially sharp. The player that has that horn now struggled with the intonation on that note for quite some time. The Bravura's response was okay, but it wasn't especially easy or efficient to play.

    Now that I have gzent foaming at the mouth and before he rips me a new one with a heated response, there is one HUGE caveat to everything I just posted. It applies to any comments or review anyone makes about any trumpet at any time. And that caveat is: FOR ME.

    No trumpet or mouthpiece is going to work for everyone. In fact, I once heard that a horn and/or mouthpiece maker is lucky if his/her stuff works for 15% of trumpet players. Whatever that percentage is, not everyone likes or responds well to any one horn or MP.

    What is especially important and beyond cool here is that gzent has finally found what works best for him. If you have not experienced that it is hard to convey the concept. When I first played my Wild Thing, all of a sudden I found a horn that fit me. I didn't have to do any unnatural gyrations to play the horn well and in tune. I just picked it up and played it without having any issues to overcome. I like my Wild Thing better each time I play it, and I have now had it for 19 months.

    When you find the horn that matches you, you will be as enthusiastic about it as gzent is about his Harrelsons and I am about my Wild Things.
  9. kingtrumpet

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    Sep 20, 2009
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    and I can vouch for that in a sense ---- GM (gmonady) here on TM, is probably one of the most talented Jazz trumpet players in America (yes, to anyone who has listened to Eddie Brookshire Quintet -- or has been sent music files by GM ---- they would understand my statement. HAVING said that, GM clearly does not favor the Asymmetric Mpc that I use --- as a matter of fact most people don't like the Asymmetric (and I use mpc as an example, cause that is the most prevalent item that people can trade off on --- and many have tried Asymmetric or "X" mpc. and found if, or if it doesn't work for them ---- all that to say ----- I agree with AFP ( ROFL ROFL ROFL )
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    Wanna bet?


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