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    When I was in school, we were "issued" things to start the year (Military prep school) so a favorite initiation foisted on the few new guys by the (former vaudeville band leader) band director was to ask one of the new students if, along with his uniforms and other supplies, he had received his "tacet"...., after some squirming, most would confess they had not. They were sent immediately down to the ( on campus ) store to badger the hapless manager about where his tacet was, why didn't he get his etc.

    Every year the store guy would get the same event in his shop, every year he would get madder, every year we would all get a good chuckle......
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    Rowuk, come on, man, you're making me smile. Where on earth do the words "tacet" and "second time only" appear next to each other (regardless of a space) where it means play on the second time. If that were the case any arranger worth his salt would write it - "first time tacet, second time play", or maybe "tacet first time only". I would just as likely write it 1stX tacet, 2ndX play.

    Regarding the word "tacet" itself, there's an anecdote that Louis Armstrong tells about him being taken to task by a band leader for taking a solo in an inappropriate place. Seems Pops read, "tacit" as "take it", (old parlance for take an improvised solo).
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    All...many thanks for taking the time to reply.
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    alant, did you know the medieval meaning of your nickname? It means an alert hound...
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    Huh. I've been mis-reading this as "take it", and playing it as a sort of sectional solo.

    I really gotta learn to look this stuff up.

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