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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by bagmangood, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. bagmangood

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    For the majority of last week (unwillingly) I took a break from playing :-(.
    I was working at a camping concert festival and wasn't willing to bring any of my horns (don't have a beater ... yet)

    My main observation about this came yesterday - I did not lose any of the important parts of my playing. Sound, music, majority of my technique (including range) were unaffected. I just lost the extremes - hence my once again realization:
    Trumpet playing is not about muscle, or beating yourself up. Its about refining the balance of breathing and knowing what you want to hear.
    That said, my endurance has been shot and I'll spend the next couple of weeks getting it back... :thumbdown:
  2. larry tscharner

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    Apr 30, 2010
    dubuque iowa
    You are lucky that you realise these things and are smart about playing again. When I think about all of those players that only play for a performance and seem to do fine and I have (love) to play every day to stay sharp, I just shake my head in wonder. And I wish, as does everyone, that I could play head and shoulders above those guys but truth be told Im not that talented. Im having FUN anyway!
  3. Trumpet Playa

    Trumpet Playa New Friend

    Aug 4, 2010
    Every summer I take breaks from playing, like this one. Been having fun.:thumbsup:

    Though Ive been practicing again for like a week. Not alot, but some practicing. Im about to start getting serious with practicing soon.
    Anyways for just like one day or two my endurance isnt so great after a break. Then all of a sudden it all comes back, and my range is higher than it was before and endurance is better. I can now play a double G and sustain it. My mouth doesnt even get that tired. Weird how that works. For me, taking a break at times helps me. Now I'm excited to go back to school and start playing. Gooosh cant wait for college this fall!!

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