Taking breaths not quickly enough

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by reraom, Nov 26, 2011.

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    In the beginning, NOTHING seems natural about playing trumpet. That is why a teacher can be a great help. To learn the unnatural stuff, we need first of all to KNOW that we are doing it RIGHT, then the teacher needs to HEAR that we are practicing what is necessary ENOUGH. Grabbing a big breath when the body is not ready (crappy posture) just means that we throw ourselves into a high tension state and nothing works the way it should. Body use and breathing are tied together. After that, body, breathing and playing are tied close together, a big breath without our brain, ears and face prepared also lead to high tension. Getting those things sorted works best when someone in the know is guiding you.

    Reading badly qualified advice makes me think that the internet is one of the WORST places to get help. Too many people just interested in blogging anything that they may have heard. Some even lie and say that they "tried it".
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    Where is the "dislike" button? I would use it for the post above .... I wonder what the moderators would think of a TM member accusing others of lying? Bad form.

    It was a good question IMO the OP asked, with some sincere attempts at answers ... not bad enough for such rude behavior.:thumbdown:

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    Dear reroam,

    We truly are good people here on TM. In my year on TM, I have never met or knowingly talked to a lier. The comments of the members come from pashion and their experience. There is very little evidence backing much of the responses here, but there is years of experience that can put us back on track like Rowuk is well known to do. Your task is to weight the comments that hold more value to you. Then go in that direction. But liers, no, I do not think I have ever met a lier here on TM. That is why I stay and come back again and again.

    As we approach this season were we acknowledge our faith, let us also try to convey faith in our fellow man.
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    Splutter splutter splutt - ooooh - the bubbles went up my nose - and now my eyes have gone all watery :shock:
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    Not worth the aggravation,

    Good idea
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    Double bump
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    Hahaha! Oh btw Gary, I checked out your website recently. Some really nice playing on there!
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    I have already checked it out and it's been really helpful.
    Thank you all one more time for your input, I don't want to blindly follow somebody's advice without trying and thinking about it first, but I don't think anyone has said anything incompetent or given "bad" information.
    During my lesson today my teacher told me that before inhaling, you don't need to exhale if you still have some air in your lungs from your previous breathing in, is that correct? Do I take a new breath without exhaling the old, stale air?
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    Is it two g's ..... I wasn't sure.


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