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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by MahlerBrass, Mar 19, 2005.

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    Oct 1, 2004
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    Hello all, I was wondering what some of you guys thought about the whole taped audition process and the techniques to doing so, the arguments from both sides of a "fixed" tape/CD or a straight run through, I have my opinion about it, but I won't share it just yet, I'd like to hear what others think. So, here goes...how do you guys feel about cutting and pasting on an audition tape (fixing one cracked note in a solo piece by pasting another one over it), and maybe some manipulating of sound (such as making it sound like you're playing in an orchestral hall instead of your living room), is this a common thing, and how is it taken upon the audition panel, but more importantly, is it right to do? I'd like to hear both arguments of this, it's a subject that I've though much about and would like to hear others' opinions on this, let's keep it controlled folks, thanks a bunch!
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    I am no expert but in my opinion, I would not cut and paste. When you get to the audition and don't sound the same...

    I do believe in taping until you get it right. You should be able to play through a movement of a concerto with repeated attempts without a mistake.

    As far as adding reverb I say go for it. The other side could be to just record in a church.

    If you don't make the tape enjoyable they will shut it off.
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    Nov 24, 2004
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    Most situations where they request a tape they usually say absolutely no alterations. If they are asking for a tape submission they know that they will not be getting a CD highly mastered sound when being played. I would do it with not cut and pasting. Doesn't mean you can't record it 500 times and take the best one but I would keep the tape un altered. SOmetimes, especially with a trained ear they can ear if something has been done to it digitally, even the smallest thing. If you have to go into the audition thinking you are going to have to alter the tape maybe you should take an honest look at your playing. Maybe you are not qualified enough for it if you are going to have to alter it. Just my thought!!
    Adam W. Metzler

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