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    Lou, we just find out more about you!

    Semper Fi and THANK YOU for your service!
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    Thanx, Ed!

    I'm thinking to go for the G sound, although Laura may have other ideas. I just want to do it in a respectful manner. The fallen deserve as good as they gave.

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    Maybe it's just me being stupid.... but isn't it the second inversion?;-)
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    has anyone ever done it as a duet with an echo?
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    Our community band is playing a Memorial Day concert and one of the numbers is a full band version of Taps. The arrangement was done by a member of the band and it is very tastefully and appropriately done. As a Vietnam-era veteran of both the USMC and USAF who lost a brother there, I have profound respect for military protocol and the respect it provides for those who have served honorably. Taps is one of those signs of respect. I also offer thanks to all of the TM members who have served or who serve today. Liberty is a precious legacy and we can't forget the price that we must pay for it. I just hope my children and grandchildren can enjoy the benefits.

    P.S. I played Taps for the first time at a military funeral when I was 14 (they couldn't find an official military bugler, I guess). Now my 12-year old grandson who just started playing trumpet this year has been assigned to be the official bugler at Scout camporees. He enjoys doing that.
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    If you are playing with a Bb trumpet or cornet, it's possible to play it in concert G ... but it still won't sound like a bugle.

    At Arlington National Cemetery Tap is now sounded in Bb. For reference see http://www.Tapsbugler.org as is Jari V. former USAF sounder of Taps at ANC. On that site too is the music. Such requires no valve depression on the Bb instrument.

    Ed Lee
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    Greetings all

    Thanks for the plug to my site TapsBugler.com

    Please check TAPS 150: Commemorating 150 Years of America's Most Famous Bugle Call which was set up to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Taps

    If you are looking for some versions of Taps here are a few:

    Listen to Music | TAPS 150

    Plus check out the video gallery:

    Video Gallery | TAPS 150

    As for sounding Taps inside a church:

    Thanks again-Good luck and best wishes to those who are honoring our veterans this Memorial Day.

    Jari Villanueva
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    I wouldn't think much of snopes.
    The Arlington National Cemetery has the true story as mentioned previously.
    Jari Villanueva has the best web site.
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    The Military Specification for funerals requires you to stand next to the honor guard and in sight of the funeral party. You are to play directly at the funeral party. You don't have to play loud. The instrument is to be a b flat trumpet or bugle. (I saw a Navy bugler one hand a trumpet like a bugle. Left hand hold. )

    I attended a funeral at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery last year and the bugler was not GI. He used a C trumpet and stood about 100 yards away. He could barely be heard.
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    The Marines dot the eighth notes to delineate the burial from other branches of the service. I think the Pacific War started this tradition but I can't find anything definitive. The history is allusive.

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