WTS: Taylor Chicago 46 VR

Discussion in 'Bb Trumpets' started by crazyandy88, Jul 30, 2016.

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    Nov 3, 2007
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    $2200 - single horn hard backpack case included

    Beautiful Taylor in custom Vintage Tint Lacquer with brushed bell. Link to manufacturer product page here. I've used this horn in about every scenario possible and it just does whatever it is asked to do. Plays great in a wind symphony section, can really cook on some lead book, and sounds great in a brass ensemble. It's all about how you play it and mouthpiece selection obviously. I went through the last 2 years of my music degree with this horn so it's had lots of solo time as well and I was never disappointed. I don't play anymore and I hate to see such a killer horn just sit in my closet. Valves and and valve slides are quick and smooth. There is a blemish on the 3rd valve from my wedding ring and a small ding in the bell from mouthpiece + gravity. Pictures attached here. This beauty needs a good home with some notes blown through it :play:

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