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    Nov 26, 2011

    Anyone know of a really good teacher in Queensland, Brisbane Australia for trumpet?

    I want to learn classical music and develop the sense for it. I also need the teacher to understand what I am doing wrong with embouchure (if anything) and able to hear what I may be doing wrong in my mouth with tongue (again if anything).

    I been playing for 1.5 years now without a teacher... I practice every day and I still cant play more than 5min worth of song before my chops are dead for notes above the 3rd space C. I do not understand why. People say "how long are you practicing?" I say "15 min because im finished after that" and they say "Sorry you gotta play at least 1 if not 2 hours". That does not tell me anything because as I said, if I play a song for 5 min (lets say Amazing Grace) I would be able to play the 3 verses and then the 4th there is no chance in hell of me hitting the 4th space E anymore. I can play for ages from Low C-C but anything after that is gone.

    Also I don't understand the embouchure. I looked at youtube for ages and its like nobody rolls the lips in but have them normal, like when not talking just pull the sides in to tighten it up somewhat... however when I try to play 4th space E/F, it is impossible to tighten the mouth up in that standard shape, so my mouth automatically rolls the bottom and top lip in which automatically results in a much tighter embouchure. So I generally for all notes, roll the lips in a little, yet like i said youtube it seems (by visuals at least) that nobody does that. So I wondered if this is why I cant play 4th space and above for more than a few tries.


    Also anyone know Chris in brisbane and what is his ability/understanding wise? He is 25 yrs old and only plays classical music which is what I am after.

    Btw I am 28.
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    Hello G-man,

    I had that problem - with rolling my lips - and it seemed to help. Unfortunately, just as you describe, it cut down my endurance in a very short time. I then went to Leo Kappelmeier in Munich (sorry, I don't have any Aussie connections) and he diagnosed to things:
    1) I was using too big a mouthpiece (yes, the #1 Bach felt comfortable, but it was just too big for my lips)
    2) I was breathing just into my lower abdomen, and not building up the embouchure from the diaphragm upwards.

    Solution for problem #1 was easy. I got mysef a smaller mouthpiece (now I'm back to #1, but that's nine years later)
    Solution for problem #2 was: Get a good voice and breathing coach. Try learning to sing professionally. The singing tuition will improve your embouchure without hurting your lips...

    Good luck!
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    A great way to get some solid teaching can be found on Pop's Mclaughin's web site. Pops Trumpet lessons help trumpet players become pros He gives a lot of insight for free and he does do skype and phone lessons. Check him out. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

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