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  1. rowuk

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    Jun 18, 2006
    If you are playing more than an hour a day, you should oil every day or two. Oil is not just there to keep the valves moving easily, it also flushes contaminents away from the pistons. Damage/wear can happen long before our insensitive fingers notice something. Long valve oiling periods are not something to brag about. I would label them more as "dumb". Valve oil is MUCH cheaper than getting new valves.

    Alignment, if it is done right lasts much longer than 2 years. If you use felts, they should be examined yearly. If valve oil or water gets on the felt, it needs to be immediately replaced. No damage can occur, they just compress and that can make a big difference in how the horn plays.
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    I oil before I use the horn, and when it goes back into the case. I also try to clean fortnightly, grease slides, caps and also wipe the horn down with a lint free cloth after I use it every time.

    Guysl who do not oil are asking for hassles. Bet it will be during a performance when it bites you. I have enough problems without worrying about the gear. Good practises and good practice both give security and longevity.

    New Volvo cars can go 15,000Klm between services; I still drop my oil every 5,000 Klm.
    Reliability is at a small cost.
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    "Spare the oil and spoil the valve"

    Delaying oiling of valves is just like driving your car and changing the oil every 25,000 miles. You won't have that car very long before it smokes like a volcano. Oil is cheaper than a new horn or valve job.
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    I guess that makes sense about the oil vs moisture, I just never paid attention. I only oil my valves when they stick.. I'll try to make a more concerted effort to oil them regularly. . .
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    When you switched to Ultra Pure, did you thoroughly clean the old oil out? If not you may be experience a sludge developing from the mixing of two diferrent oils, and it is getting deposted on the piston.

    Give the horn a thorough bath, clean and dry everything, and then oil with Ultra Pure and start again. ONE drop added daily will be a good practice with Ultra Pure.

    Monel will stain with certain oils and certain user chemistry.

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    I don't understand why players spend considerable money on their trumpets, cornets, flugels and other brass instruments, but concerned about spending too much on valve oil, not to oil regularly. Some valve oil appears to last longer than others and we hear about it. If one can afford a quality brass instrument, surely he/she can afford to keep it clean and oiled as often as it needs it. The brand of valve oil and other lubricants are subjective choices by the players who swear them as the best for them.

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