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    How long have you been back playing and how long with your teacher?
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    Tension is caused by several phobias we're aware of. Notice where your arms are. Are they clenched against your ribs? Is your head forward of your spine? Are you worried you won't hit the note this time? Do you swap different sized mouthpieces all week long? Does your back or neck hurt after a while?

    First thing. Plant the feet straight. Try a different chair at a different hight, or better, stand. Loosen the grip of your left hand on the trumpet! the left hand does nothing except shift valve slides, and create tension. Try to imagine the trumpet "hanging" on your left hand a little. (I know of an excellent top State player who wears a neck brace when he plays).

    Those arms are going to clench your ribs, push the elbows out a little, then your left hand will relax again.

    The fear of hitting the right note.... well? In case it's not going to hit I'll hit it softly. "you think?" full Air is what hits the note high. Where is your toung? is it so close to the roof of your mouth, that w/o a trumpet, the air would HISS?

    I'm done, and I haven't even started. I'm just tired of typing.
    let me give you a link to click on, make sure your speakers are on.
    This'll keep you busy for a long time.

    Trumpet lessons and trumpet books.
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