Testing A Possible New Way To Tune A Trumpet

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Dr.Mark, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. mike ansberry

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    Okay, you can find the point where the horn best resonates. But that isn't being in tune. You have to tune to the pitch of the ensemble. So once you move the slide, the horn is out of balance again. Same thing with a tuning bell unless you have a tuning bell AND a tuning slide and can balance it that way.
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    Who made this rule? From now on... The ensemble tunes to the trumpet!!! This IS Trumpet Master and WE RULE!

    Actually, I am lucky. My Martin Tunes where I play with most ensembles and orchestras... So to all out there... if you want to be in tune with yourself and the rest of the ensemble... Get yourselves a Martin Committee.
  3. Vulgano Brother

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    My cheapo test with my rotary didn't yield the same matching results, and I agree that a trumpet may have matching frequencies, but so far outside what is useful for good ensemble play. Interesting concept, though.
  4. tjcombo

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    Thought I’d test a few horns and if there seemed to be any sweet spot thing happening then I’d test the rest. I just pinged the bells to get a tone.
    1. Olds Studio: Pitch matched with the tuning slide out 3/8”. Played with the slide 3/16” out, all the way in and an inch out. May have been a slight difference (less nice) an inch out, but the other two felt exactly the same.
    2. Olds Recording: Same pitch from bell that I got with the tuning slide all the way in. I’d expect this to be the best playing position with minimal gaps in the tuning system. Anyway, same beautiful Recording sounds wherever the slide was and the blow felt the same.
    3. Olds Super. I had to lip up the tone from the leadpipe plus tuning slide to match the pitch from the bell. Obviously a junk horn, might have to ditch it. :-)
    4. King 601. Resonances matched with the tuning slide out ½”. Played it with the slide at ¼” and thought at first it may have been different to the slide in other positions, but on retry – same-same.
    5. Olds Ambassador Cornet – A $50 ebay purchase arrived yesterday, just freshly cleaned and lubed and part of the test because-it-was-there. Bell resonance and pitch from leadpipe through tuning slide way different because of the cornet’s different plumbing. But damn, it plays so nice!

    1. I remain a skeptic, but look forward to seeing any other results.
    2. I wish that there were more opportunities to play cornet.

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    I just have this vision of a brass band all tuning up with fiddle bows before a concert and looking hilarious
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    Or a brass section in an orchestra, under the very eyes of viola players!
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    Jul 26, 2008
    What happens when you press a valve?
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    Happy 4th of July!!!
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    Should have waited until tomorrow . . . :shock:
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    You really got to get yourself a higher quality horn... Then you can experience the transition from Ray of Power to the Gmonady Raw of Power concept. Yeah... I think you could do it! If you want horn recommendations for a good replacement, I can strongly recommend a few. Yep, that's kind of humanitarian that I am.

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