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    Hi everybody;
    "The Arban Manual- A 69 lesson course that takes you through the ENTIRE Arban method"
    Is now available as a .pdf download. ::: Eric Bolvin Music Studios - Publications ::: ARBAN MANUAL
    This is great for those of you outside the USA because you pay no shipping costs.

    Read what these GREAT artists and educators say about The Arban Manual!

    "Your organization of the Arban exercises is excellent and covers many playing difficulties in a logical and efficient manner."

    David Hickman- Arizona State University, Noted soloist and clinician

    Hickman Music Editions

    "Eric has in no way asked me to do this but I want to make you aware of a terrific thing that he has done for teachers and performers looking to get back in shape.

    He has organized lessons to be given through the Arban book on a week to week basis that is really fun to look at and check out.

    One would need to have a certain amount of ones trumpet act together first but it's a well designed, imagination spurring work that deserves a big bravo. I have much respect for folks who go to a lot of work to organize things like this. Go check out his website.

    Great job, Eric."

    Manny Laureano- Principal trumpet, Minnesota Symphony Orchestra

    "It is really an excellent resource, Eric. Good work!"

    Jim Olcott- Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

    Tripoli Press Triplo Press

    "Everybody tells you to get the Arban book but then what?

    Just where do you go in a book that big?

    It isn’t broken into weekly lessons?

    Nobody wants to play a dozen pages of long tones or intervals in a row.


    Now the mystery has been solved. Eric Bolvin went and made a road map of the worlds most famous trumpet method. He takes you step by step and helps you to cover things in a logical and timely manner. (Now why didn’t I think of this?)

    Thanks Eric this should be a great help to many players."

    Clint “Pops” McLaughlin

    Trumpet teacher and author, Dallas TX Trumpet, trumpet lessons and trumpet books by Clint Pops McLaughlin.

    The Arban Manual ::: Eric Bolvin Music Studios - Publications ::: ARBAN MANUAL



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