THE BAD PLUS' Making it Personal n' FREAK-IN:)

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    Hey Gang...

    I would like to "make this personal" and say all on this board of trumpet-geeks for wishing me well on my recent retirement from The loonie-toon factory of the Boeing Company.

    THE BAD PLUS :twisted:
    In a recent issue of Downbeat (May 2004) I read an article about this new group of radicals...that to this old jazzoid...left me really curious, just why that DownBeat would choose to not only put them on the front cover of this magazine, but go to such length to give them lengthy press????

    I just read this article last night....and thus far, haven't had the chance to listen to their music..

    Speaking of RABBLE-ROUSING....I recently found Dave Douglas's album..FREAK IN at the local library...and after listening to it many times over...(OUCH :roll: ) sorry gang, I guess my age is showing but I just can't get into what Dave Douglas had in mind?

    I went to the TH board and gave my issues on why I had given my own label to this CD, as just another $$$ maker ( a noise-making jam session to bring in a little extra cash to the Douglas coffer and not a serious attempt at bringing forth a new nation and world class BREAK-THROUGH NEXT GENERATION of jazz music?

    I will attest to the fact that I still give Dave a HUGE AMOUNT of credit for giving us some musical food for thought...(even though I about 'hurled' on that dose of eletronic noise that seem to constantly GET IN THE WAY of my appreciation for where, why in the -ell was Dave thinking when he worked so hard, gathering so many "talented" musicans to take part in this mess of noise???
    Bottom line:
    Was Dave trying to re-invent Miles Davis jouney into the electronic world...such as his Britches Brew?
    Does anyone for a moment think....that This new DD attempt will...go down in the jazzoid history books, as a trend setting break through CD.

    I guess only time will tell???

    The beauty of it fortunate we have to right to choose to listen or buy any kind of music that punches our valve buttons, whether it be long hair, dung country of jizzer-=raaazzza-ma tazz jazz but, but...BUT!!!

    How fortunate that I saved a few $$$ by finding this CD in the library instead of plunking the dough-ray-me do da day for this album.

    Hey gang...did you know that Regan loved "Birth of the Cool"

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