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    Issue 25 of The Brass Herald is now published and includes a major
    feature with composer Edward Gregson together with interviews and
    articles on the following:-

    David Hickman
    Alan Stringer
    Mike Vax
    Gareth Small
    Mark O'Keeffe
    Philippe Schartz
    Dick Nash
    Michael Laird
    Trevor Groom
    Charles Villarubia
    The United States Army Brass Quintet
    Major Peter Parkes
    James Shepherd Versatile Brass
    Geoffrey Brand

    Other articles, features and reviews include:

    Star Lake Musicamp
    Carmina Burana
    Major George Willcocks
    Schagerl Brass Festival
    The National Children's Brass Band of Great Britain
    Claude Gordon
    Purcell School
    Major Derek Taylor

    If you would like to know more about this issue and subscribe to The
    Brass Herald, please feel free to go to The Brass Herald

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