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    Hi Everyone

    The August edition of The Brass Herald - issue 39 is available now - the most popular all brass magazine in the world which covers brass at its best across the globe. To buy a copy or subscribe for future copies click on the subscribe button at the top of this page.

    This 92 page issue features the amazing Mnozil Brass as its cover story. Also in this exciting issue are interviews and articles on the following:

    Chicago Symphony Orchestra, International Staff Band, Manny Laureano,
    Stan Reynolds, David Mason Remembered, 2011 International Trumpet Guild Conference, Chris Castelannos, Alexa Yates, 2011 International Horn Society, John Miller, Roy Newsome, Mike Vax, Simone Rebello,
    Major Philip Shannon, Enfield Citadel Band, Thomas Clamor, Stuart Watts, New York Staff Band, Jens Lindemann, Jazz with David Champouillon, Royal Scottish Conservatoire,
    and much, much, more.............................

    There has never been a better time to subscribe - subscribe today!

    The Brass Herald

    Best wishes

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    How do you subscribe from the USA? It's not in dollars.

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