The Difference a Mouthpiece can Make

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by lakerjazz, Sep 10, 2010.

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    YES, I AGREE -- my tone was harsh with rowuk, and since then - I hope he and I (private messages) have overcome that moment.
    For the record -- I am sorry to be harsh with rowuk -- I too am trying to learn and I let past experiences dictate harshness in that post --

    and for the record since I have some time left -- (for some others who take issue with my old threads) --- I opened up OLD THREADS -- they keep coming back in my email for some reason, I am not computer savvy -- can we all let the OLD THREAD issue --- go??? my goodness I borrow internet time to post anyhow (I live in the country, don't have internet at my house - YES, even in USA, not all have internet) - I still don't have a digital camera, television, or the foggiest idea how to youtube anything -- but I suppose very few people can understand that.
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    Who was harsh with me? I didn't notice that - honestly.

    Please don't make the mistake of putting me where I do not belong. I am here to help - even those who don't realize what my type of "honest opinion" really means. With time, we all get a "feeling" about who we are talking with and if qualifications are behind the posts. When I am convinced that a poster here is off track, I say so. If the answer that comes back shows that they still do not understand, then I have failed.

    There are laws of acoustics that apply to trumpets. It is not possible to break these laws. There are also laws of biology that our bodies cannot break. Then there is the law of habits that we have a great deal of trouble breaking. I like to think that there is also a law of music that helps us once we learn to go with the flow. I have posted this before. Instead of conquering the music (or any aspect of it), we need to learn as much as we can about it and THAT removes the stupid idea that we should do what works for us. If you don't really KNOW what the result should be, how can you know if something works?

    Every music fair that I attend, and many of the auditions, there are those that feel a need to squeak out annoying unmusical high notes to "prove" that they get it. They are proving just the opposite. Musical context is the secret. The sooner we grasp that, the faster that we can move to the next level.

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