The effect of the airstream angle and different mouthpieces.

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    Had my HS band director not let me play a Parduba and tell me about Harry James, even lent me some of his recordings, I don't believe I would have ever acquired one (2!) on my own. Too, I don't believe I'd have bought any cure all "medicines" from the intinerant snake oil salesman in a much earlier era even though most of their ingredient was a cheap whiskey. However, I did sell an empty bottle I found for $10 as had an near new looking label.

    Were you a teacher/tutor of a young beginner, I do feel it would be unfair for you to demonstrate on an instrument or mpc that significantly differs from what they are using or can afford, and that includes a Parduba along with dozens of others. Yep, I quickly sold a Monette B6 mpc I acquired (by luck) as I didn't feel it was compatible with my student quality trumpets even though at the time I couldn't play it.

    My big question is, will any mpc make me or a student a better player? I don't think so! All that I seek in a mpc is comfort, but feel as if I can make do with about anything. Still, I wouldn't be adverse to playing a trombone / baritone / euphonium 6 1/2 AL cup with a trumpet backbore and shank ... just as a novelty.

    What do I think about other mpcs ... you play 'em ... and enjoy them. Give me one ... and I'll play it ... and possibly enjoy it also ... albeit I've no real need for anymore. During my recovery I'm presently playing (practicing) on a recently replated small letter Bach 6 and a Kelly 5C and I'm happy.

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