The Fall of trumpets. (and beer)

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Overtones, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Overtones

    Overtones New Friend

    Oct 24, 2010
    I have decided to change this post although I can not change the
    name of it. I guess my question as a new trumpet player is
    why does my trumpet not want to be played sometimes.
    I do play outside so I thought it was form taking the instrument
    form the warm indoors to the cool fall outdoors. After the
    trumpet was left outside for awhile it played better.
    With no warm up or nothing. I did oil the vavles and
    snake the bell end and lead pipe end before I left it outside.
    I thought that was what the problem was even though the
    valve were not sticking and air could pass through the trumpet.
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  2. Alex_C

    Alex_C Piano User

    May 30, 2010
    Gilroy, California
  3. keehun

    keehun Piano User

    Feb 4, 2010
    It could also be that your chops were frozen the first time :play:
  4. rowuk

    rowuk Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    I don't think that this observation is relevant. Try that over the space of months and maybe your tune will change.

    The human state is so instable that we can't compare such things over a short period of time.

    Outdoors we don't hear ourselves as well an that almost always results in a "stuffy" feeling.

    As a new trumpet player, you just need to do the things that will make your playing definitive: practice a lot. Between 5000 and 10000 repetitions are necessary to build a (good) habit. Now you know why I don't think that your observation is valid.
  5. Phil986

    Phil986 Forte User

    Nov 16, 2009
    Near Portland, OR.
    What's really unfair is that it seems to take less than a hundred repetitions to build a bad one, could never understand that :dontknow:
  6. Alex_C

    Alex_C Piano User

    May 30, 2010
    Gilroy, California
    As usual Rowuk cuts to the chase.

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