The fireworks are in my horn!!!

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    Sep 30, 2004

    How did it go this weekend? :stars:

    We need a "emoticon" with inflamed lips.
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    Mar 7, 2005
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    Actually? Suprisingly well!

    I practiced like crazy on Friday and Saturday. I noticed Saturday that my tone was getting VERY pinched and thin, almost raspy sounding. Clearly I was overdoing it. So I took Sunday off and didn't play at all.

    That seemed to do the trick. Last night I felt fresh and rested and played through everything quite well. I still had to solicit the cooperation of the other first trumpet (since I had most of the top parts and solo parts, I decided to pace myself by having him cover many of the unison sections in the last couple charts), but all in all I held out quite nicely. I even felt like I had a little left over when we got done!

    I think the intonation really helped. The trumpets were so well tuned in the first half that it literally sounded like only one of us was playing at times. It always seems to be markedly easier to play when you're not fighting tuning problems.

    But of course, the biggest factor is time -- 90 minute concert vs. 2 1/2 hour rehersals.

    And the weather was perfect -- DRY and cool, which means I was actually able to breathe all night.

    Of course, the only downside was, as it always is around here, the bugs. We're sitting on a stage, the only lighted spot for miles around in a sea of darkness. The bugs came in swarms. AS the director said after the intermission, "Now begins the bug portion of the concert..."

    The guy next to me turned to me after the first tune of the 2nd half, "Well...that's one down so far."


    I've learned to breathe through my teeth! No bugs for me, thank you very much.

    Unfortunately, many in the rest of the section had a lot of problems with their counting, which I find inexusable. None of us are top-quality pros, and we're certianly susceptible to making mistakes: cracked pitches, missed notes, bad intonation, whatever. As we get tired or according to the limits of our talents, it's understandable that a bad notes might come out (heck, I've heard wrong notes in orchestra concerts before). But there is simply no excuse for misscounting or failing to watch the director.

    Sorry...that's my little rant. For me, I couldn't be more pleased with how I played, but for the group ... well, I think we could have done better. (Though I must say, there's nothing like standing on the front of a stage facing 10,000 applauding fans after you've just finished a fireworks laden -- truly explosive -- rendition of 1812...). Perhaps the audience had a different opinion.

    And to think I had to listen to the French Horns whine about how tired they get playing offbeats on the marches (we had four marches -- what is it with concert band directors and their love of marches???).

    Hey, I know those parts suck, but at least they have a couple rests in their parts....

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