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    What About "The Gap?"

    Watched a couple of YouTube vids about the gap between mouthpiece and the leadpipe. The lesson I took away from the vids is that little or no gap makes for a more in tune horn through the register, and that the less gap the less back pressure. But don't some of the Monette's have a solid piece of metal for the mouthpiece and leadpipe? In such Monette's is a gap built in or is the transition from backbore to lead pipe entirely smooth?
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    Please reference the information on our site concerning Gap. Your conclusions are not necessarily correct. Proper Gap is dependent on several factors and there are no absolutes. You might call Monette directly and ask them about how their equipment works, (503)255-5552 they will be happy to discuss this with you.
    It is odd that so many ask questions of the collective that are be best answered by the manufacturer.

    Best of luck
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