The glamorous world of professional musicians?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Bloomin Untidy Musician, Jun 25, 2008.

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    Jun 17, 2007

    Good call there Robin. And like Drew said: least from the perspective of the Musician, he lets it drift. I'd imagine that's a bit of a discipline. I know i'd have difficulty with it.

    It's always that bit of thread eh. :)

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    Feb 17, 2008
    I have been watching this thread with interest since it first showed up in the forum and I have just a few things to add. First, thanks Mr. Clean for helping to clarify the musicians perspective in this. It was very well said and appreciated. Also thanks to Mr. DiMonte. It's an interesting point that you have raised and I think it's good for us too remember that music lovers buy tickets and it's our job to give them a great show. I hope that my original message about my dog is a bit clearer now and I apologize for my original reply to your post. It wasn't necessary.
    Being a musician is so personal. We practice hard and put our hearts out there in public when we perform. No wonder we don't want too hear negative feed back from people who don't play instruments themselves. It doesn't help either that we all have stories of people saying insensitive things to us after we perform. My personal favorite was when I played at my wifes church for free and after the service one of the members came up to me and said it was too bad I missed that note because otherwise I played pretty well. After being angry for a while I realized that what had really happened was that my feelings were hurt. I actually think that's ok. She had a right to voice her opinion and I have a right to think she was out of line. As I have said before, in the end, no matter what, my dog will still love me. In fact my dog would love still love me and the woman at church, and Mr. Clean and Mr. DiMonte. Maybe my dog should be in charge of this forum...
    Thanks all for the passionate posts.
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    Apr 30, 2006

    Dear Andrew:
    There is no need to apologize. In the heat of battle,collateral damage is the 'norm' including dog bites. :)
    Just so you know,I've never in my life 'called out' a musician for making a mistake but am known to walk out of small combo gigs when a member or two choose to take me on a Magicial Mystery Tour and/or attempt to change the direction of jazz with band members who are still in their apprentice ship years.

    Apart from that and Mr.Clean nibbling at my heals,all's well in South Western,Pa.

    Keep on tooting and should you ever 'sit-in' with the Pittsburgh Smyphony Orchestra,
    or gig in the 'Burgh,do not hesitate to give me early warning.
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    Feb 11, 2004
    Toluca, Mexico
    This has been a great thread, with some golden posts from Jim and Andrew. I love Andrew's church performance story, one that any performer can relate to. How many times have you played what you considered a great performance - one you really put your heart and soul into, where you were in sync with your colleagues, and you really went beyond what you were hoping to do, when you hear (or read) some snide comment about a note you chipped that you didn't even remember? There's something about chipped notes on the trumpet that stays in people's minds more than fracks on other instruments - flute, for example, another soprano melody instrument, seems to be much more forgiving in this regard.

    Anyways, have a nice summer vacation everyone. 6-8 weeks off the horn sounds great!! :)


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