The Incredible Responsiveness of this Horn

Discussion in 'Horns' started by Bill, Feb 9, 2004.

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    Nov 11, 2003
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    I've been elightened once again on how quick and solid this trumpet is when you need fast changes in expressions, be they dynamic changes or articulations.

    I played a piece by Eric Ewazen yesterday for both services in Church - "The Prelude and Fugue for 6 Trumpets". I covered the 2nd part. For those of you who have played this marvelous and moving piece of music you are required to do a variety of sfzp attacks followed by crescendos back to ff. Some of these are whole notes but there are a few that are quarter and half notes that require some real instantaneous adjustments. Hearing one trumpet do it well is quite a nice effect, having 6 do it at the same time in 5 part harmony is amazing.

    The Wild Thing allows these types of dramatic expressionistic techniques to be done easily and with no loss of tone or struggle with intonality normally asociated with abrupt changes in airflow. The horn literally allows you to BOUNCE off a sfzp attack and steadily pour on the coals back to the ff - almost like a whipcrack down to pp then increasing in intensity back to full volume.

    This BOUNCE effect (and I don't know if I'm really expressing it right) lets you hit it hard, come back down and get back there with the easiest, most fluid manner and with the least effort expended. And YOU STAY IN TUNE ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT!

    The more I play this thing the more I love it. I have played a variety of excellent horns in my life. While I agree that the player his/herself makes up the majority of the result, there definitely IS a significant difference in the way horns respond and play. Thanks again Flip.

    Get well soon!

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