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    Hey Manny,

    I was recently talking to an old teacher of mine and we were talking about getting to the professional level. He told me qoute, "Jeremy, I don't think you are impatient, just anxious for everything to work." He went on to say that the things that I am having trouble with now, I might not see the benefit or results of them for 3 or 4 more years and that really gave me a lot of hope. He was telling me that some people natural adjust very quickly and that other people (the majority) have to consistently work on areas like tongue speed, articulation, lip trills, etc., for a long period of time, and then one day it just clicks and all that work paid off.

    I just wanted to post that because I know sometimes when I'm practicing, I get frustrated because I want to sound like you, now when in reality it will take TIME and WORK before that happens. It really puts it in to perspective when working on a piece or an exercise because I can take it slower and play it perfectly and when I am ready, speed it up, like Ein Heldenleben or Scheherezade.

    I hope you don't mind me posting a comment rather than a question and I hope you agree with these comments. Maybe you can expand upon them.

    Thanks Manny for all that you are and for holding the standard of trumpet playing so high for all of us aspiring players to work toward!

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