The life of a military musician

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    If I might - I would suggest calling the person who handles auditions in the closest band to you before you talk to a recruiter. Usually the band auditions coordinator can cut through a lot of extranneous "stuff" and also insulate you from some pressures and bad info a recruiter might pass along to you.
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    Dec 22, 2008
    amen brother!
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    Oct 1, 2011
    The marine bands are good...but why be good? Your going to get your butt kicked joining the marines but they aren't going to make a first chair trumpeter out of you. They'll use you so corporate America can continue to wage war for profit. If you want to be a trumpet player you can kick your butt just as hard not joining the marines.

    Aspire to be a first or even third chair trumpet in a major orchestra...The work and challenge will be just the same as joining the marines but you won't have to be shot at or experimented on with chemical warfare/vaccines.

    Good luck...Military recruiters make the service sound peachy... it ain't...

    Before you join just imagine having a boss you despise and can't quit.
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    Feb 27, 2008
    Third chair in an orchestra is an astronomically higher level of challenge than getting into a marine band, unless you're talking about the DC band. It will also probably pay less and have less benefits unless you're talking about the NYP, BSO, etc.

    It's definitely not peachy which is why one should educate themselves as much as possible about all the risks involved... For some people it's a terrible option, but for some it's a great option.
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    I'll disagree with this. I happened to have been in an Army HQ band in Stuttgart, Germany. We had a great ensemble, a challenging musical package and a decent mix of military/civilian jobs. The employment benefits were decent.

    The issues about waging war for profit are as political as those that try to underplay the evils in the world that no politician has found a recipe for. Instead of starting a political thread here (which would cause me to shut the thread down or delete posts/ban users), let's make sure that we get some first hand info instead of bickering about politics.

    The military requirements have increased dramatically with budget cuts and the amount of unemployed highly educated players. The bands that you heard sound the way that they do for a reason - they are not the training ground for beginners. There are other bands with more "form follows function" goals. We have been through all of this before. Check the other threads.

    I would do it again.
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    Just one addition that is very timely and I'm not sure it it made it's way into the thread that is linked above, and that is that the Air Force just announced a draconian cut in bands. That probably means no openings for trumpeters for the foreseeable future. This does not affect the DC bands and one should still call an AF field band if interested in enlisting in the non-DC bands, but don't be surprised if the answer is that there are no vacancies.
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    Yeah, we had a lot of great posts in the link to my thread. Really take your time to read that.
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    I estimate 3 Years before you see an opening advertised in any of the Air Force field bands due to the cuts. Attrition has to take place before there will be slots.

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