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    This was from a few years ago, but I always found it interesting.

    A group of researchers analyzed songs from a research point to view to try to determine if they could isolate the variables that make songs either popular or unpopular. (Their research was based on previous research used for artistic paintings.)

    The "wanted" variables included:
    - Medium length songs about 3 minutes long
    - Alto and Baritone voices
    - Saxophone
    - Melodic love songs
    - Medium tempo

    The "unwanted" variables included:
    - Very long or very short songs
    - Bagpipes, banjo, and tuba
    - Cowboy songs
    - Opera
    - Soprano and contrabass voices
    - Very fast or very slow tempo

    The trumpet did not make either list, BTW.

    The next step was for them to hire composers and performers to write and perform music using those parameters. Links to the YouTube versions appear below, in case you are interested. The "bottom line" to this research is that things of this kind can help identify "what not to do" but cannot replace the intuitive creative process that tells you "what TO do." The research into paintings found similar results. ....but I have to admit the "Most Unwanted Song" is weirdly hypnotic in places. (If you can endure all 20 minutes of it.)
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    I must admit that I didn't listen all the way through either tracks - the unwanted one? It's pretty easy to record something that is not pleasant to listen to, and they've achieved that. A factor that wasn't listed, is inconsistency/incompatibility of styles throughout a tune. Lack of flow, or structure is painful.

    As for the second track, it immediately triggered my Kenny G allergy and I had to stop before I puked. :-)

    thanks for the interesting links.
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    Parts Unknown
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    Saxophone -- "yes" and banjo -- "no"? This has to be an incomplete set of attributes. What about cowbell? I gotta have more cowbell. ;-)

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    Wow. Thanks...!
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    Funny thing about that Doc vid. I saw that when it was first aired on TV. I was at my friend's house (he was a trumpet player too) and we'd just walked into the room and saw that it was on. At the time, I was still kind of a trumpet noob and didn't know who Doc Severinsen was, so that was my first known exposure to Doc ever.

    Years later, with everything being on Youtube, I tried to find it, but was never successful. I knew it was for some charity event, but I didn't remember that it was Comic Relief - I thought it was a telethon or something, and since we walked in on it when it was already playing I didn't realize that it was just a partial tune to open the show, so until today, this only existed in my memory, so I'm actually very happy I found it. :-)

    EDIT: Looking this up, I was surprised to find out that it was George Duke and Doc Severinsen who led the Comic Relief band in 1986, the first year that Comic Relief was done in the US.
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    Everybody who listens to the Most Wanted Song says the same thing: "KENNY G!"
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    Well said.:thumbsup:

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