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    The much anticipated December edition (issue 46) of The Brass Herald is
    now published. The all colour 92 page bumper edition features Tine Thing
    Helseth, the internationally famous Norwegian trumpet virtuoso as its cover

    Also in this issue are interviews and articles on

    Ryan Anthony
    Roger Ingram
    Allen Vizzutti
    Mike Vax
    Steve & Lynn Dillon
    Dr Valve
    Patrick Sheridan
    Howard Snell
    Gerhard Meinl
    Jay Friedman
    Michael Mulcahy
    Charles Vernon
    New York Staff Band
    Stefan Schulz
    Melbourne International Festival
    Boston Brass
    RAF Central Band Fanfare Team
    Abbie Conant
    Katy Jones
    Simone Rebello
    Dion Dublin
    Duncan Stubbs and much much more

    Why not subscribe today. You will not regret it!

    The Brass Herald | The Magazine for the Brass Musician

    The Brass Herald will be at booth 221 at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago next week.

    Wishing everyone at Trumpet Master at wonderful Christmas and New Year


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