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    Nov 22, 2010
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    the octavider i am trying to locate; is a box the size of a pack of cigarrettes, clips onto your belt. it has a cord that goes to a pick=up which attatches to the side of the mouthpiece and accousticly couples by a small...1/8 in. hole drilled into the mouthpiece. another cord couples the box to a p.a system or instrument amplifier. switches on top the box select a frequency division of 1/2 for trombone-like tone and / or 1/4 for tuba like tone in the '70s i had one ..loaned it out never got it back. Regards to all, Jimmer.

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    Apr 26, 2011
    I had one of these years ago. It totally ruined my MP because they drill into the venture. Now I use the Shure wireless system, coupled to a Digitec effects processor, which has over 200 effects, including octave dividers.
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    My dad had one of those. He hated it, but it was all the rage in the '70's. It's in his attic but he won't even bother to try and get it out he hated it that much. It did sacrifice a mpc for it's use also!

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