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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Tarter_trpt8, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Tarter_trpt8

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    Jan 17, 2005
    St. Paul, MN
    Manny I finally figured out the question that tops every question and I've been itching to ask it, so here it goes:

    What kind of trumpet player would Jack Bauer be?

    There it is...let's see what we come up with...

    I think he would be a drum core guy. He'd be the section leader and would end up using valve oil and mouthpiece brushes to torture people when they march out of step or their horns aren't at the right level. And he would always be right too!

  2. averagejoe

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    Oct 13, 2004
    Atlanta, GA
    Studio player and contractor. Always dealing with the latest plot to exterminate live musicians from movie soundtracks...a true field agent, able to adapt to any playing situation...a call to the cell phone, and he's off to assemble a special ops team to read the latest chart...

    Oh, this one is going to get ugly, I believe! :lol:
  3. Dave Mickley

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    Nov 11, 2005
    sorry to jump in here but down deep he is really sensitive and would probably be playing back up for Barry Manilow. Dave
  4. Vulgano Brother

    Vulgano Brother Moderator Staff Member

    Mar 23, 2006
    Parts Unknown
    He'd be stuck in the viola section!
  5. TrentAustin

    TrentAustin Fortissimo User

    Oct 28, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Roy Eldridge, who tried to cut everyone! :)
  6. Solar Bell

    Solar Bell Moderator Staff Member

    May 11, 2005
    Metro Detroit
    Nah, here on the TM he could only be Manny,

    He's relatively short, very good at what he does, good with his hands and could kill you in a variety of ways.

    Manny Bauer of the CTU (C Trumpet Underworld)

  7. Richard Oliver

    Richard Oliver Forte User

    Jul 18, 2006
    Casper, WY
    Shoot. I had to Google to see who the cat was.

  8. Vulgano Brother

    Vulgano Brother Moderator Staff Member

    Mar 23, 2006
    Parts Unknown
    Isn't he Eddie's cousin?
  9. Richard Oliver

    Richard Oliver Forte User

    Jul 18, 2006
    Casper, WY
    Well, from I can piece together he is sorta a "lumber jack and I'm okay" sort of guy from Minnesota who's a tony dresser, plays well, and does some covert stuff under the guise of being a violist :shock:


    p.s. I'm chuckling at an old ad I just recalled. Some guy at an airport in France trying to say something and getting it wrong and saying instead "I am a spy" in French.
  10. Manny Laureano

    Manny Laureano Utimate User

    Sep 29, 2004
    The Following occurred between 7am and 8am.


    A dumpster appears at 12th and Marquette in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. A recycling working worker jumps out of the passenger seat and guides the driver to link up with the dumpster marked "Paper Products Only". Upon lifting the dumpster, an uncharacteristic metallic sound is heard. Grumbling about people "who don't know where to put stuff and don't bother reading to find out" the worker checks the source of the sound. After looking inside, his eyes widen and he whispers "Holy... Ed, get over here and look at this". The driver comes out and looks and backs away from the dumpster, clearly frightened. They race away from the scene and call 911 to report a musical instrument mutilation.


    In North Korea a man is running through the woods, looking over his shoulder every few seconds, falling and picking himself up each time. He hears his name, Bo Koo, being shouted. In the distance, dogs are baying. He is breathless and sees his destination, a river just up ahead. The shouting behind him gets louder and he plunges head first into the river. Soldiers line up on the river bank to watch him swim. One is stopped from shooting by the leader of the pursuers with a single hand gesture. He says "Just wait." Within moments of Koo jumping into the river the leader smiles. Koo swims quickly and wonders why they don't shoot. Suddenly, he begins to sink. Try as he may, he cannot stay afloat. He sinks and disappears into the water. Bubbles surface, signalling his drowning as the leader of the squad smiles, puts out his cigarette, and motions for all to leave.


    CTU headquarters. ChloƩ has a cross, worried look on her face. She is neither cross nor worried but incapable of any other facial expression. Tony, across from her, receives a message from Bill Buchanan to come see him immediately and to bring any information on metallurgy with him. Buchanan informs Tony that there's been another trumpet mutilation, this time in the Midwest, the Upper U.S.. Since that makes a total of five in the past year it's become a national crisis that requires the intervention of the Costly Trumpets Unit. It is decided to make an urgent call to Jack Bauer who has moved to Oregon and grown a beard. Tony expresses that even Jack's daughter, Kim, has had litle success getting him to show any interest any more in CTU or trumpets at all. "I think he'll be interested if we show him this... " He slides a photo to Tony who shudders in horror. "I'll call Kim."


    Kim Bauer is out for a run and answers her cell phone. She sees it's from CTU and answers quickly. She is asked by Tony to come in early as there's a national emergency. She asks if there's a possibility she may be abducted. Tony answers, "Of course." She agrees after she figures out what to wear to the abduction with some help from ChloƩ who still looks cross and worried.


    In North Korea, a factory is in the midst of prodcucing something unknown. A delegation of important-looking but sinister men walk into the main production room. "Is all in readiness for Xian?" is asked by the most important looking yet sinister man in the room when someone even more sinister walks into the room. The whispers reveal that it is a man named Nokonek Xian, an importer of low grade oil products who is inspecting the recent product. He silently walks over and, with his bare hand, dips his fingers into the thick boiling oil and feels it. Without looking up he asks why the oil isn't yet ready. The worker shakes and offers an excuse but assures that it will be ready very soon. Xian looks up, smiles and places his hand gingerly on the shoulder of the worker. In one swift move he throws the man into the bubbling oil, killing him in a matter of seconds. He looks up at the other workers and says quietly "Perhaps you should all do as this man has done and throw yourselves into your work a little more." The other sinister men gulp and nod to Nokonek Xian.


    A mountainside is the new home of former CTU agent, Jack Bauer. He is outside chopping wood with his bare hands when a small boy walks up his driveway holding a note. He takes the note crumples it up when he sees who it's from. He manages a grumble of thanks and goes inside to get more coffee. The boy hands him a cell phone. Amused, Jack takes it and remarks that the little boy knows him better than he thought. He calls and asks to speak with Buchanan. He tells him he's not interested in anything CTU has to say. Buchanan quietly says, "Jack, it's not about you or me or CTU or trumpets. It's about music. Jack immediately feels his eyes mist over and asks what Bill wants. Buchanan asks if he can get to a fax machine and Jack says yes but it would take about 20 minutes. Buchanan says "Well, of course it will. It always does." Jack calls Kim and asks her not to go to CTU today. Kim agrees.


    Kim gets in her car to go to CTU and is immediately abducted.


    President Wayne Palmer is getting ready for the day and asks his aide if Bauer has been contacted and is told yes. Palmer is even more surprised to learn that he is on board with the mission although he doesn't yet know what it is. He waxes patriotic about men like Bauer being so loyal even after getting constantly screwed over by his administration. He asks if the most recent mutilation has been kept under wraps and is told that the recycling workers have both been given lobotomies to keep them quiet. They will be given new jobs as reporters on cable news channels.


    As Kim has once again been abducted, she listens to the voices of her captors and realizes they aren't speaking English after about 3 minutes.


    Jack is almost at the store where there is a phone and fax machine at the foot of the mountain where he lives. He notices how eerily quiet it is and grows suspicious although he's very safe in his location. He notices how comfortable at being suspicious he is. He likes it.


    He arrives at the store and greets the proprieter and asks to use his fax machine. He calls Buchanan and tells him to let'er rip. On the other end of the phone line Jack hears a sound similar to a contrabassoon and quietly tells Buchanan that's not what he meant. Buchanan apologizes and sends the fax to Jack. As it rolls through the fax printer, Jack's eyes widen and he shows understanding. He calls Buchanan and tells him he'll be on the next plane to LA.


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