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    Yee HAW!
    I thought I was reading a script for Pamela Anderson's show, VIP. :dontknow:
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    I've never seen 24, but I literally could close my eyes and visualize the story unfolding based on what you wrote! I'm with Dave, you could be a screen writer!

    Great post!
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    If you could close your eyes and still read that, you're a better man than I, Derek!

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    That was great, Manny!!!
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    The following occurred between 8 am and 9 am:


    CTU headquarters. Tony brings his laptop to Buchanan with all the information about metallurgy he could find and asks what this is all about. Buchanan explains that there is a glut of brass in America. No one is ordering brass for lamps... belt buckles... and trumpets. Tony notices Buchanan's halting delivery and increasingly smoother FM radio voice and understands the gravity of the situation. In addition, the trumpet mutilation in Minneapolis has attracted the attention of a nosy reporter who is closing in on the story. They decide to send Kim in to create a diversion. "Get Kim on the phone."


    Kim has been listening to the sound of the road for any clues that can give her an idea of her whereabouts since she has been abducted. She hears nothing distinctive but suddenly smells a familiar aroma. She thinks and can only come up with a trip to Mexico when she was a child. The odor becomes stronger when one of the abductors says, "Sorry, man." She decides the smell is not going to be a helpful reference point but she realizes the men speak English after all.


    Jack has hurried back to his home to gather his things and thinks about the image on the fax. He has a flashback of a concert he saw in Minneapolis that disturbed him, a hardened veteran of brass interrogation. He knew immediately that he was going to confront an old foe, someone he thought he'd run out of business a while ago. His reverie is interrupted by the sound of a CTU chopper preparing to extend a rope ladder to him once he'd gathered his things.


    President Palmer holds a high level cabinet meeting. The arguments fly back and forth furiously about coming forth truthfully about the five mutilations but he gives in to the suggestions and decides to hold a press conference within the hour. Tom Lennox is unhappy about it and makes a phone call to CTU and asks to speak with Chloé. He needs advice regarding making cross facial expressions and realizes she is his last hope.


    At last, Kim has arrived with her abductors to their destination. She is led inside and immediately asks what it's all about. Her captors tell her that soon she'll have most of her questions answered but first she'll have to answer a few questions. The captors want to know where her father is but she is uncooperative. They approach her with knitting needles but just before they can do her harm, the door to the room swings open and female voice says "Stop". Kim recognizes the voice and turns to look as her worst fear is confirmed. Impossibly, the voice and face belong to Nina Myers long since believed to have been killed by her father.


    Jack has gotten his travel baack pack together and ascends the ladder as the chopper takes off slowly. He is only four rungs away when the rope gives way and he clings desperately to to the copter door and what's left of the rope. The pilot is experienced but fighting a sudden strong gust of wind and he battles for control as Jack tries to pull himself in. The helicopter briefly succumbs to the wind and carreens sickeningly towards a large clump of trees which will certainly spear Jack. With a mammoth effort the helicopter is righted in the nick of time and Jack tumbles headlong into the passenger area. The pilot says "Sorry, man".


    In North Korea, Xian is becoming impatient and tosses yet another worker into the vat of churning, bubbling oil out of boredom. This time he notices the oil is thicker and tells the slightly less sinister-looking man that the oil is ready for transport. He is asked where the oil is to be shipped and answers, "China. Hu wishes to see it."



    "Someone in China."



    Knowing that further questioning will only anger and frustrate Xian, the matter is dropped.


    Palmer is taken before the assembled throng of reporters and issues a statement regarding the discovery of a series of musical mutilations. Two new reporters from Minneapolis ask whether he's referring to concerts given by Jessica Simpson but Palmer clarifies himself to mean physical mutilations of trumpets. He holds up a photo and the reporters recoil in horror while some of the female reporters cry and others vomit... loudly. Palmer continues despite the rather loud retching to say that the government is launching a aggressive investigation and will solve the matter soon.


    Kim is amazed to see Nina still alive. Nina approaches her and says "We have a lot to catch up on". Her smirk makes Kim and everyone viewing the show sick.


    Jack takes the photo out again and looks at it. He calls CTU and gets Buchanan. Jack says softly "I know who did this." Buchanan says "I can't hear a blessed thing you're saying, Jack. For crying out loud you're in a helicopter. Speak up!" Jack yells "It doesn't matter... get Kelly Rossum on the phone!"

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    Your talent as a musician has been eclipsed (and that's really saying a mouthful). You're in the wrong job.



    PS.Glad the Middle East isn't part of this conspiracy, for a change (yet).
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    The following occurred between 9 am and 10 am:


    The Middle East. In the desert, a jeep hurries toward an encampment surrounded by unusually well-endowed women holding sub-machine guns. They level their weapons at the jeep's occupants who come out with their hands up. Once they're cleared, they enter the smoke-filled tent. Before them is a small figure. They also realize the haze is not smoke for they have entered the temporary shelter of the well-known gun runner and terrorist, the Czech-Arabian born Karel Husa bin Farteen. Without looking up, he asks if they brought the mold. They answer yes and give it to him. He examines it and and tells them the money is on the table by the door. He tells them the money is to go to Hu. One of the men says "I don't know. Who?" Bin Farteen shoots him and asks the other if he has any further questions. The man says "Just one? Why are the bodyguards so... so... busty?" Farteen says "I don't know. I just like that sort of thing."


    Nina Myers is left alone with Kim who is scared spitless. Nina asks about Jack's whereabouts and she replies that he's left CTU and wants to have nothing to do with anything trumpet-related. He hasn't even told her where he is. Nina is unconvinced and threatens to extract the information by any means necessary. She gives Kim time to think and leaves her alone.


    Jacks' phone rings and Buchanan is on the other end with news about Rossum. He is serving time in a federal prison in Oregon on the way to the airport. Buchanan knew Jack would want to speak with Rossum and has already arranged for a meeting before the transfer to Minneapolis by F-16. The chopper lands on the prison helipad and is met by the warden. "Everything is ready." Jack says "Not everything. I'll need an interrogation kit."


    Jack sits down in front of an empty chair and awaits the arrival of Rossum. He looks at a picture of Kim and sighs. Suddenly, the prisoner is brought in and sits in front of Jack. Jack explains that he doesn't have a lot of time and asks Rossum what he knows about trumpet mutilations. "Mffmnf mffmfmvm." The guard suggests they remove Rossum's muzzle. Jack reluctantly agrees. Jack repeats the question and receives a bunch of vague riddles in return about "bad dudes with saws and no match for a duy with drum sticks.: Jack is annoyed and threatens to make him wear a really bad wig that will make him the laughing stock of the prison population... after he completely shaves his head. "I'll make you look stupider than I can even imagine." Rossum's attitude changes when he sees the wig marked "Ferrante and Teicher, 1984". He tells of a maniac, a real bad guy, that even he was afraid of but he doesn't know where he is now. This guy would only carve up the most expensive instruments. But the guy had a girlfriend that lived in Minneapolis, a latina named Anna Cruzis. "Find her, you find him."


    Bin Farteen has been examining the metal mold that was delivered when he receives a cell phone call. The voice on the other end asks "Can you hear me now?" Bin Farteen replies that he's on a Sprint phone and can hear him perfectly. He asks when the oil will be ready and is told that it is ready now. A plane will be there soon with the first sample and that he can test it if he has the mold. He tells him that he has it and will wait only until that afternoon but no longer.


    Wayne Palmer is besieged by requests for interviews and turns them all down. He only wishes to know where Jack is and is informed of his interrogation of Rossum. He is intrigued to hear that he will soon be on his way to Minneapolis. He asks for privacy and takes out his cell phone. He dials a number and hears "Well, well, well... isn't THIS a surprise?" Palmer takes a breath and says "Hello, Anna."


    Jack prepares to board the F-16 and is chagrined to see that an old CTU agent is the pilot. "Hi, Chuck... I thought you hated flying." "Well a man has lots of time to learn to like lots of new things... IN JAIL!". Jack says no more and can hardly wait for the flight that has not yet begun to be over.


    Nina re-enters the room where Kim is bound and asks if she has anything to say to her. Kim answers "No" and Nina silently goes to the wall and tells her she has left her no choice. She presses a button and the lighting in th wall goes scarlet. Actually, it was more violet and green. Nina leaves the room quickly as the sounds of "I love you, you love me... we're a happy family..." fill the room. Kim screams, "No-o-o-o-o...!"


    After trying to get Kim on the phone unsuccessfully, Tony consults with Buchanan about the files on brass trumpets and mouthpieces. The reason for the glut is very strange and coincides with the development of plastic mouthpieces obtained by CTU operatives in the far east. The plastic appears not be any polymer they've ever seen before. They don't understand what the connection is. Morris is called up to Buchanan's office and he mentions in mid-sulk that he recalls seeing that Nokonek Xian had been released from prison recently and found to have developed a keen interest in oil-based plastic blends.


    The F-16 has taken a loft and is speeding its way to Minneapolis and Chuck begins to taunt Jack with remarks about loyalty to fellow agents, forgiveness, and playing well with friends. Jack reminds Chuck about the oath he took when he joined CTU. Chuck begins to make the plane sway gently and violently alternately. Jack is annoyed but he's also scared. He closes his eys and says nothing for the time being. Chuck continues to harangue Jack and finally Jack hauls off and smacks him but inadvertently knocks him out. "Damn! I just wanted to give him a nosebleed and shut him up..." The plane is on automatic pilot but Chuck shows no sign of life.


    Kim is sobbing and laughing maniacally alternately. She finally screams out "I'll talk, I'll talk, only PLEASE stop it..."


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    It's gettin' better!!!!

    AND it's here more than once a week!

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