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  1. Jim Wilson

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    Mar 14, 2006

    You're absolutely breaking up (with laughing) my practice time. This is just too much fun. Is it as fun for you to write as it is for us to read?


    P.S. - I've never watched 24 - may have to give it a go!
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    Aug 23, 2005
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    been out of it for a while.... (recovering)

    now i know what it feels like to be a 'red-shirt' on star trek!

    (Kiefer Sutherland was really cool on set - he actually digs Miles Davis. Oh yeah, they let me keep the wig. no kidding!)

    ps i had to sign a plot non-disclosure waiver - so don't ask!
  3. Manny Laureano

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    Sep 29, 2004
    The following occurred between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm.

    11:00 am

    Jack Bauer climbs aboard a chopper headed towards a heliport in downtown Minneapolis. As he settles in he remembers the photograph that has led him there and pulls it out to look at it. It is a horribly mutilated trumpet that has been twisted in at east five different directions, apparently the work of at least two hours of bending, clamping, and twisting. There is a massive amount of cutting as well. Jack’s face shows disgust and contempt. He stops for a moment and think back to his childhood.

    The scene is a band room. A young music student named Jack Bauer is oiling the valves of a trumpet when it is abruptly grabbed by a taller, stronger boy. Jack demands his horn back but it is thrown to another boy who throws it to yet another boy. This goes on until the stronger boy gets it again and holds it above Jack’s reaching hands. “I wonder how this would look without slides, Jack?” The boy pulls out the first valve slide with a sickening pop that says the vacuum has been broken. The band teacher enters the room and says “That’s enough… Reiner!”

    Jack snaps back to the present when the pilot informs him that they’ve reached the IDS building heliport.


    Sherry Palmer is fuming mad as a result of Kim’s escape and kicks the lipless guard. Feeling better, she walks to a phone and makes a call. After greetings are exchanged she informs the voice on the other side about Kim’s unfortunate escape but assures him that it’s of no consequence, that they would find Bauer through other means. He says he wants her to call Anna no matter how distasteful it may be for her to do so. Sherry hangs up the phone and washes her mouth out.


    Six veiled guards arrive in Dubai and adjust their bras after almost an hour of riding on horses. The lead guard takes the others down an alley. She holds the mold in her hand and knocks on a door. A slot is slid slowly open so slanted eyes see the six sexy slaves. The door opens.


    Kim has made a cell phone call to CTU and Buchanan has arranged for her to be picked up at the point at which she was dropped off. It is Milo who wants to debrief her. She tells her she’d rather keep her briefs on and he explains that he wants to tell her what’s going on. She is told about her father’s trip to Minneapolis but that she is needed to run the computer station. “But shouldn’t I be abducted?” Milo tells her there’s plenty of time for that later.


    President Wayne Palmer convenes his cabinet to make an announcement regarding the mutilations and Jack’s mission. He runs up against opposition from Karen Hayes who believes there would be mass hysteria from trumpeters worldwide if the word got out prematurely. The president agrees that they would become hysterical but nobody would be able to tell the difference. The press conference is scheduled.


    Jack has checked into a hotel room at the Hilton downtown. He opens his bag to reveal his PDA, cell phone, gun, Prana mouthpiece, and a photo of the mutilated trumpet. He waits and receives a phone call. It is Anna Crucis. She tells her that Wayne Palmer has asked her to call Jack. He asks where they can meet and she suggests the First Avenue Club on Hennepin Avenue. Jack prepares to leave to meet her.


    The mold is being examined and approved by man in a long robe. He asks the former Farteen females to follow farther forward into the flat. They walk into a room where a short man takes the mold and smiles greasily. He thanks then for their work and tells them they will be handsomely rewarded. He asks them to join him in a toast to a new order in the music world. They drink and within moments the girls fall choking with disbelief in their eyes as the die.


    Kelly Rossum is back in his cell and is told he has another visitor. He considers it unusual as he‘s never been granted two visits in one day. He’s told it’s in a different part of the prison and e will take an elevator unescorted. He begins to protest when he’s thrown into the elevator by the guard and the doors shut quickly behind him. He looks about him as the elevator moves downward and suddenly stops between floors. He notices a tape player on the floor in the corner as he looks for a way out. He picks it up and presses the play button. “Don’t bozzer trying to scream Meester Krossoom . Eet’s quite soundproof." Rossom recognizes the voice and says “Master, please… I didn’t mean to give you away!” The voice says “Stop screaming you idiot, I’m a recording. Oh, yes… goodbye.” The elevator cable breaks. A trumpet on the tape plays a fast chromatic scale downward as the elevator and Rossum plunge to the bottom of the shaft. As it crashes and the dust settles the voice on the tape says “Ah, yes… page 79 of Arban’s… it’s a killer.”


    Jack walks from the hotel and asks CTU to send him a scan of Anna Crucis from their files. Chloe is feeling less ambivalent and cooperates without complaining. The scan begins to appear bit by bit when a car rolls up quickly as two men emerge from the shadows. Jack assesses immediately that he has no chance to flee or pull his gun. He reluctantly gets into the van where he is blindfolded and bound to the seat.


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