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    As with most books or methods we have to work out what's right for us - and it's likely going to be bit's and pieces from various demagogues. Maggio's method came about after he had an accident which 'knocked out front teeth and shredded his lip' (paraphrasing the background in "The Original Louis Maggio System For Brass" by Carlton MacBeth which is available as a pdf download - Google it). As a come-backer I was looking to re-build my embouchure and playing method with minimal pressure and best possible tone. Using a bias towards top lip position (maybe 2/3 top) for me allows the stronger top lip muscles to better support the MPC. As I go up in register and the aperture becomes smaller, it feels like the bottom lip comes up higher. This is kind of in line with with what Nick Drozdoff talks about in one of his videos about developing the upper register. Maggio suggested an almost ritualistic approach to MPC placement which isn't my cup of tea, but on the whole it's working for me.

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    I was looking at the lip slide and perhaps there is more or less lip muscle to each individual. Also probably there is more or less muscle thickness to each individual's lips. Could it be that mpc possition is different for each person accourding to the person's anatomy?
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    Again, I would agree. From the histological post I made, this makes complete physiological sense, the muscles controlling playing are not at all in the mouthpiece, this makes control of playing very difficult.

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