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    I think the Rubank's books are for people who already KNOW how to play -- in that, although I can use them --- I choose NOT to. I find Rubanks progresses too vast, or is discombobulated without a definite plan of building on the previous lessons. there seems to be no systematic plan to Rubanks, and I find (if I were a beginner -- like on the trombone) that the Rubank's series is quite inferior for self taught music lessons --- and I might add, I think they would be impractical for nearly ALL BEGINNERS on any instrument ----- like has been stated above. Go get Arban's or Clarke's, learn you scales, play and be happy!!!
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    In my tutoring, I'm using Essential Elements (Hal-Leonard) only to correlate with the same being used in their school instrumental music classes. In class they are doing a book a year. Well, in their second year of trumpet they'll be on Book two until the end of the school year, but in my sessions, they'll finish Book 3 when we resume Jan 9th and start Book 4. I understand the rationale for this .... as I believe encourages a drop out rate ... literally killing the excitement of instrumental music early on IMO. Can the 4 6th grade boys I'm presently tutoring read music and I'll answer YES, but can all the instrumentalists in their sixth grade school class read music, and my answer is CERTAINLY NOT. My explanation is simple in this county, a teacher who majored in intrumental performance on one instrument isn't really qualified to teach them all, and neither am I and I'm not about to try, but they are. Too, their class period is 45 minutes, possibly as much as 20 minutes focused on the reed (or some other) section. Duh, just one example as to why they cannot progress as fast as I am. Too, they wouldn't dare play Christian music, but I can as is why my 4 trumpeters performed such this recent Christmas. I could go on, but I don't like beating my head against the "brick wall" of local school boards and their music budgets. Need I say not one of the 12 present members of our school board can name 12 music composers? It really surprised me that one could name 4, and he plays a keyboard pretty good.
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