The Shame... (Writing down fingerings)

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Overtones, Dec 5, 2011.

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    Kehaulani, I've no doubt about masterpieces existing that have been earlier printed, and even before the printing press, put down in ink tediously, by monk for the church or clerk / scribe for their patron, but all of these are copies of an original manuscript prepared in lesser or more portable media. Also, there are exceptions where the actual composer never put to paper or other surface a single note for posterity, just as one example: Irving Berlin.

    During WWII, I was a copyist - transcriber - transposer, as others in our HS band were also, when printed music then wasn't very much available for us, especially so, much from other countries. That experience has kept me in good stead ever since and is not what I hope I'll never need to do again ... but notice that in many impoverished areas of the world they too must "make do" however they can.

    Certainly, I've seen pencil marks of about everything on pre-owned music that I've scrounged and/or acquired and had to wear out a few erasers to clean them up.
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    At the begining of my comeback, I only remember the most basic of fingerings. That was the fisrt thing on my list of things to do. Write-out a fingering chart by hand "over and over again" until you have it memorized like the times-tables. At night, as you are falling asleep, try to run through it in your mind. It is better than counting sheep. But, fingerings are also a daily matainence thing once you got them down.

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    Please teacher don't punish me so! These days I'd like to see an electronic "game" where as the note flashed on the screen in different note values, one pressed the right buttons [valves] on the controller for the brass instrument pre-selected. I have heard of flip flash cards being used but never found a source, but with a bit of tedium one could make a set I suppose.

    I wouldn't have a chance to study them much when I lay my head on the pillow whereas I zonk near instantly. Too, I'm yet unable to program my dreams with such. Still, I've heard of some sleep conditioning technologies (not hypnosis) where such has been somewhat successful. Thanks, but no thanks, I enjoy my sleep just the way it is.
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    Thanks guys. Then I guess I talked my way through to that same conslusion in my post above, too.

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