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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by gsmonks, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Thought you guys might get a kick out of this. This is Ferdinand Herold's Overture from Zampa, performed on The Wallace Collection, a collection of brass instruments that have been together since the early days of keyed and valved brass instruments. The lineup consists of keyed bugles in Eb and Bb, ophicleides, cornopeans, tubas, horns, trombones, and percussion.

    Back in those days you would have had your choice of cornopean or keyed bugle. That's John Wallace doing the triple tonguing at the end on an 1830's-vintage cornopean that belongs to the collection.

    Zampa Overture Uploaded by gsmonks at Your Listen
  2. Dale Proctor

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    Jul 20, 2006
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    There was an entire band performing on keyed instruments at the Great American Brass Band Festival a few years ago. Quite a unique sound, for sure. I don't remember the name of the band, though.
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    Might've been the Wildcat band organisation. Might've been the Dodworth band. There are a number of them. They sell recordings. Or try to :^)

    There are also a number of Civil War bands.
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    My mind is going. The bands I mentioned are Civil War bands.

    The Keyed brass band I was trying to think of is the Indiana Brass Band:

    Indiana Brass Band

    Although there are others. I know guys who play in them who can give you more information, if you're curious.
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    Link does not work for me just led to a page of endless pop-ups that took like 20 minutes to escape from
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    Dunno what problem you're having, Dennis. The links work fine for me.

    That said, I've had problems with links posted in other areas in the past, so maybe it's a location/server thing.
  7. Dale Proctor

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    Jul 20, 2006
    Heart of Dixie
    I play in a Civil War band, BTW...ha ha

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    Oct 26, 2003
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    Half the reason I got into brass was so I'd never have to deal with misaligned keys/bent rods/degraded pads ever again. The other half was so I'd never be short of reeds.
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    Which one is you, you lucky dog?

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