The Sound Of Keyed Brass

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by gsmonks, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Jumping spiders don't bite. In fact, most species don't. It's just a few that give the rest a bad reputation.

    Orb weavers are a particular favourite, partly because they're free pest-control. I have them in my shop, and encourage them in the Fall when fruit fly season arrives.

    Jumping spiders, incidentally, have roughly the same intelligence as a cat, or dog, or octopus, or member of the raven family. They're sentient. They're one of the few spider varieties that when you're curious about them, they're just as curious about you. I've seen amazing pictures and video of human-jumper interaction where the human and the subject are studying each other. Another highly intelligent spider suspends heavy objects, like rocks, far off the ground, to anchor their webs across long distances that allow only 2 anchor points (the 3rd being the suspended rock). They're incredible problem-solvers, and watching how they hoist a rock many, many times their own size is enough to leave anyone gobsmacked. It's an engineering marvel.
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    Ha-ha. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the spider can't hear the trumpet. They sense low-frequency vibrations through sensors in their feet. Ears with a timpanic membrane are something they don't have.
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    Jul 25, 2014
    My youth sympony orcestra is performing Zampa, with strings of course. As second trumpet, most of the best parts go the the flutes, strings, and clarinets.
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    I have the original band score for Zampa (buried at the bottom of a box in the attic). It's so old that there's no proper conductor score. They used to do that. The conductor got a sort of reduced piano score. You see lots of that with very old band music. I used to wonder how the conductor kept track of who was playing what.

    Anyway, it has separate parts for trumpets and cornets. Given that Zampa came out in 1839, around the same time as Berlioz' Fantastic Symphony, the arrangement would have been for cornopeans and natural trumpets.
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    I give spiders credit for what they do, most of the time we stay away from each other, but I'm not going out of the country to take videos of their dances, lol.
    I even had a "pet" orb spider when I was in high school. He built his web outside my window, I put my lamp in front of the window. With all the extra food, he grew to the size of a large cherry.
    RIP in pieces, Gary.
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    I had a tarantula named Max when I was a young guy. Max lived in a little box under my bed, and when I'd come home from work, Max would come out, looking for his nummies- feeder crickets, mealworms, other assorted spider goodies. When I'd lay on my bed to read a book, Max would come out and climb up on to my shoulder to sit right under the lamp.

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