The Teddy Roosevelt theme Music

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    I'll try this once more with the attachement and am including a link to my Flickr account just in case.

    The music relates back to the Teddy Roosevelt DVD melody thread I'd posted a few weeks ago but for the life of me I could not get the uploader to not append the thread title to the image and blow it up. The link works (at least when I clicked on it from the preview pane) and also shows the 1938 Liberty Silvertone that was wonderful to play this little melody on today...almost a period instrument for Teddy Roosevelt but not quite, this is a Liberty2.

    Mods...sorry about posting all over the place. The music also shows up on the flicker site so if the attached thumbnail is trashed at least you can see the music. The attachment still blows up so uncle...but the music is on the Flickr link. I guess I learned attachments don't work.

    Flickr: Mazama98833's Photostream

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