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    as I am sure that you have read here at TM, getting better is a process that can be tackled chaotically (usual) or in a structured way (not so often mentioned). When the various qualities of our playing do not show up on the same day, we have the option of accepting that or reflecting what about our practice habits does not integrate them.

    The requirements for good tone, range and endurance actually have identical roots: Big relaxed breath, good posture/relaxed body, consistent daily routine focussed on maintenance, enough daily playing. Granted, if breath and body use are not at the top of the list, we use force to get where we are. That force makes us compensate even more with a tense upper body which messes with the quality of tone and the way we hear, making our intonation shaky - further compensation is necessary.

    To unwind this mess, we have to figure out where we are and where we want to go next. Consistency comes when we live it.

    If your audience and playing comrades are generally happy with the results of your funny experiences, then maybe everything can even stay the way it is. ;-)
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    I really appreciate your thoughts. I will look into the posture and see if I see a common thread. Fortunately my audience is just me...but I am always happy to learn.

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